Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Current Favorites for on-the-go makeup!

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I know that every single one of us has that item we can't leave the house without! You know when you're running late for a lunch meeting or on your way out to meet up with a friend and you don't have time to put on your face? So you go straight for the one or two products that you can quickly apply on-the-go. Well mine happen to be.. Concealer and Mascara (and lipstick-which is always in my purse to apply as blush and my pout!) 

I've always preached to clients that mascara is kind of a funny thing, you can only keep it for 3-5 months (due to bacterial growth, and effectiveness), so why spend a ton of money? I still believe that many drug store brands do an incredible job and are highly effective - AND they are usually only $8!! You can't beat that :) You'd be surprised to know that most makeup artists use drugstore mascara, partially because we go through it so quickly, but also because we can't even use the wand that comes with it! 

Side Note: Most drugstore brands are owned (or own) bigger brands you find in department stores! What does that mean? It means that you can find quality products for a fraction of the cost! They want to be able to reach every person with every budget :) 


Who doesn't love mascara?! Pretty much every woman I've met never leaves the house without it (Except for you exceptionally lucky ladies with thick, luscious lashes of your own)!

I'm a HUGE fan of Maybelline's Full N' Soft Mascara:

It plumps up my little baby lashes and doesn't clump at all! 

Another fan favorite: L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
I know a lot of artists that use this one in their kit. I really like it, but it does pack a lot of product on that brush! It's great for an evening look where you can amp up those lashes!

I can pretty much get by with those two types of mascara, I think they are really fantastic formulas! Now I've strayed away from them, only because I was having a major issue with some of my clients... 


 Even the waterproof mascaras wouldn't cut it! After a little research I finally learned that apparently, waterproof formulas don't prevent smudging and you need a smudge proof mascara. Recently Maybelline and a couple other drugstore brands have started advertising for smudge proof formulas, but I haven't tried them yet - Let me know what you think of them if you do! 

Another type of mascara that's floating around is Tube Technology mascara (SO Scientific!) This is the mascara I happened to purchase for my smudge problem and it's kind of amazing! 
 This is Tube Technology mascara from Blinc, which you can find in any beauty store. 
How it works: It's a pretty wet formula (so be sure to let it sit and dry a minute before blinking :)) Once it sets, it forms these tubes around each individual lash. So they look longer, fuller AND it does not move!! 

In order to remove the product, you need warm water and you have to carefully and gently pull your lashes with your fingers. It's crazy! It freaked me out at first because it felt like I was pulling out my own lashes, but you are actually pulling off the individual tubes. And, you'll notice that even when rubbing your fingers with water on the tubes, they don't smudge! This is perfect for weddings, and other long events where you really need to make your mascara last! 


I've always been a HUGE fan of Eve Pearl Concealers! She is an incredible artist based in NY and has her own line of makeup that is beautiful! 
You can order her products online:

This is her Salmon concealer which is perfect for under eye circles.

This is her concealer trio (comes in different shades), which is nice for individual use for when your skin tone changes with the seasons, but also perfect for any makeup artist's kit! Her concealers are smooth, creamy and layer able! I will never ditch her concealers... but I have to say I have found another one to love as well....

NARS! Crazy that it has taken me 6 years before trying this stuff! I love it! I keep this one at home for myself, it comes with a salmon-pinky color to conceal under eye circles, and then a more yellow based for redness and evening of the skin! It's smooth, lightweight and wears beautifully throughout the day! 

So there you have it, some oldies and some newbies! All favorites of mine and all amazing! xoxo

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