Sunday, February 5, 2012

Halftime Princess: Madonna

Everyone can agree that no one does it like Madonna. She is a true icon and even at 54 years old, she was dancing around, and doing flips on stage at the Superbowl! AMAZING! 

I thought it'd be fun to reminisce through Madonna's style transformations. When it comes to re-invention and playing with makeup, she is the Queen.


Oh the 80s... where there were never too many accessories and your hair couldn't be bigger! The make up was pretty intense during this time... it was loud, and dark and heavy! Smokey eyes up to your brows and dark reds on the lips were never too much! Let's not forget about all the heavy contouring of those cheek bones in shades of fuchsia

Madonna in her "Like a Virgin" gear. Since this is a more "bridal" look, she's opted for a more neutral toned lip to accompany her dark rimmed eyes and contoured cheeks.



Channeling her inner Marilyn, Madonna extends her dark brows, adds a super red pout and keeps a clean face. Lashes were definitely a focal point with a soft cat eye and a very clean, bright shadow on the lid. And that BLONDE hair!


"Like a Prayer"
To fit the theme of the song, Madonna's makeup look is soft, clean and ethereal. She goes darker than her natural brown hair and lets her curls run wild! 




How could anyone forget this look? The pointed bustier is definitely easy to remember, but that was just part of it! The long blonde extensions pulled into a tight pony is quite a statement. Madonna keeps her 50's inspired eyes of soft light shadows on her lid, a soft crease and slight cat eye. She plays with her lip color throughout the tour, all reds ranging from bright cherry hues to deep berry ones. 



Evita. Madonna plays the role of a strong and passionate woman, which calls for the same characteristics of makeup. From a strong eye look (left), to a more natural, clean eye (right), she keeps the powerful statement of a red lip... my favorite. 



The above photos showcase Madonna's influence of her Kabbalah beliefs, decked out in traditional Henna tattoos on her hands and wrists. She is adorned with classic Indian face paint, almost in the shape of what (and where) a traditional Indian head piece would be worn. Her eyes kept soft with a thin liner on her top lid, curled lashes, and white liner on the inner rim to tie in the face paint. Lips were adorned with a pinky-red gloss. Her brows are much more groomed than that of the 80s!


Here is a very different look from the same year, plucked from her "Nothing Really Matters" music video, she sports a dark, sleek, long bob. She is inspired by the geisha, but it's much more toned down than that of traditional geisha makeup... (see below)
Her makeup look is also very fashion friendly. With more of a fuchsia color on the outer corner to the center of her lid, a pale complexion, and a red lip.

The Millennium has hit! 

Modern, soft waves in her blonde again hair, sporting a natural makeup look with soft brown liner, pink glossy lips and a very neutral palette. 

This may be my favorite look...

Sporting some Farrah Fawcett waves with her honey toned hair, she has a bronzed palette with pops of color! Pink glossy lips, and playful colorful eyes. I LOVE this look! Will probably do a tutorial at some point showcasing this look :) 

Fast Forward to 2012

Madonna has been sporting a very classic, clean face lately. From the Golden Globes to the Superbowl, she looks timeless. Usually sporting a porcelain complexion, soft peachy blushes, neutral lip and soft eyes (with a kick of liner and lashes), this girl knows how to do it right! 

Now if only I could move like her... 

xoxo Jen


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    1. Thanks gorgeous! Looking forward to reading :) xoxo

  2. Such a wonderfully timely write up! She was awesome last night wasn't she? AND over all these years!

    1. I thought she did great, mind you, she did mess up a few times, BUT the woman is in her 50's and can dance better than I ever have! I thought it was great! xo