Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 SAG Awards

If you know me at all, you know that I'm obsessed with award shows... More-so red carpets ;)

I love to see how stars get dolled up for their big night out. From the gowns to the shoes, and of course their hair and makeup! I can't wait to see how their team of stylists have paired together their look. 

So here they are, my top 5 picks from this years SAG Awards...

Emilia Clarke 

Photo c/o

photo c/o

First of all, I love her! 
I'm completely obsessed with the Game Of Thrones series! 
Second, she looked so effortlessly stunning! Her bright pink ball gown with a plunging neckline was so simple and chic. I love that she paired it with such a relaxed/natural hairstyle. The deep side part was a great way to offset the neckline, and those soft, beachy waves were the perfect compliment. Her makeup was kept soft with subtle highlights on her cheeks and eyes-- accompanied by a graphic liner and soft pink lip, I think she nailed this look. 

Alicia Vikander

Photo c/o

photo c/o

This award winner was stunning! I loved the styling on this one-- her dress is amazing (SEQUINS!!), from the gentle sparkle of the sequins to the graphic print of the dress, it was so eye catching and fun, yet glamorous. 
I really loved the way she paired this dress with a simple hairstyle- sleek and straight. It wasn't overly complicated and kept with the simplicity of the design. Her makeup was amazing, but how could it not be when Charlotte Tilbury is the artist?! 
Those bronzed/gold eyes accompanied with lashes were a great compliment to the hair and the dress. It was soft, simple and showcased her natural beauty. Finishing off with a  soft rose colored lip and bronzed skin-- this is a winner all around. 

Laverne Cox

photo c/o

photo c/o

Laverne looked awesome last night! I am obsessed with this drapey, grecian, deep burgundy dress! The color on her is perfect, especially against those long, loose blonde waves. It was an updated old hollywood hairstyle, with the deep side part and softened waves. Her makeup complimented beautifully. Soft smokey eyes to add some definition and some extra sultry/sexy-ness to the look (as if she needed more!) and a bold lip that didn't distract from the whole look. She looks glamorous and timeless. 

Christina Hendricks

photo c/o

photo c/o

This girl knows what works. 
I love that she plays up that 1960's vibe with Bridget Bardot hair and sultry cat eyes. Her hair is perfect-- I'm kind of obsessed! Her soft bangs, and loose hair tendrils to accent the volumized updo is perfection. 
That liner is AMAZING
It not only makes her blue eyes pop, but it really is a perfect cat flick that can accompany those deco earrings, Bardot bangs, and that gorgeous, fitted gold dress. 

Saoirse Ronan

photo c/o

photo c/o

There were quite a few top knots on the red carpet last night, but this one takes the cake! I love that her bun has some volume and is left on the messier side. It was a simple and chic way to pull the hair off her face without making the dress feel too stiff or too formal. She's a young woman and I think the hair reflected a bit of that fun youth! 
Her makeup was awesome. I love the pale shadow on the eyes- it keeps the look fresh and ethereal. The lack of liner and the boost in the lashes were a great combo for this overall look. She kept the lips natural and had a beautiful soft color added to the cheeks. 
I love the dress! The color is great with her tones and it has a modern vibe yet kind of reminds me of the 60's :) 

Who were your top beauty picks of the night?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter Hair Tips

Oh winter. 
Your cold, blustery wind. 
My wet hair is no match for you... 

I never want to leave the house with wet hair this time of year, but I also don't necessarily want to blow dry my hair every day.

So here are some styling tips for this cold season

Invest in a shower cap.

We've all heard that you shouldn't wash your hair everyday as to not strip the natural oils. This is especially important during these drier months. I've tied my hair up in a bun while I shower, but it still manages to get soaked. Using a shower cap saves you time, energy and your blowout.

Dry Shampoo is your friend. 

It's actually one of my BEST friends..
I love dry shampoo. While I do experience a drier scalp, my hair can get greasy because it's so fine. A great way to utilize this product is actually at night. If I know I'm not going to wash my hair the next morning, I spray the product in my hair before bed. The longer it has to permeate the hair, the better job it does. Of course this isn't totally necessary. You can apply it before you do your makeup and then shake it out right before styling (or not styling :)) your hair.

My favorite: 

Photo c/o
Batiste Dry Shampoo
$7.99 (often on sale for $5.99!) 
It works like a charm and it's super affordable.

Overnight styling... 

Braiding, sponge rollers, twists..
These are all great options for going to bed with wet hair. After the shower I usually towel dry so it's not sopping wet, add some product and then let it air dry a little. Once it's partially dry, I'll either braid it, or add rollers so that I can wake up to effortless waves with no heat styling. I look a little silly at bedtime, but luckily my husband doesn't mind :)

Use a hydrating mask. 

Another key tip for keeping your hair healthy is to hydrate! Same as your skin :) With the dry climate, wind, blow outs, and dry heat in your building, you're losing a lot of moisture in your hair. My current obsession has been with the product line Lanza.
A stylist friend of mine is an educator for the company and turned me onto their line about a year ago and I've never looked back! My hair is super shiny, healthy and soft.

My Favorite: 
photo c/o

Moi Moi Hair Mask
You can find Lanza retailers on their website, HERE. 

I hope this post was helpful for you on your venture to healthy winter hair! Hopefully these tips will help you to survive the rest of this chilly season. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

5 Unexpected Items in your Set Bag...

Hey all... 

So many of you know that I am a freelance makeup artist who focuses on Commercial and Print work. For those of you out in the field, I figured it'd be fun to disclose some not so conventional items to carry if you're on set. 

A lot of times with my job, I am shooting on location.. which can mean, "shooting outside no matter what!" And here in Chicago, that can mean excruciating cold or sweltering heat!

Over the years I've learned a lot about set etiquette, what to carry onto set, and what to bring to jobs. I've learned that sometimes there are things that aren't necessarily expected of you, but good to have on hand. A lot of these items many artists don't carry regularly and honestly neither do I! There are a select few that I keep in my kit ALL THE TIME, but others I bring depending on the work conditions.

So here they are, 5 unexpected items to include in your set bag... 

1. Spray Sunscreen
I LOVE this stuff! This is one I keep on hand -- I carry a mini one in my kit! Not only is it great for obvious sun exposure, but I also love to use it to add a nice sheen to the skin. A lot of times on photo shoots the photographer asks to add some shine to the skin, and this will do the trick! Plus it's comfortable for the model/talent (not sticky)

2. Liquid Bandage
This stuff has bailed me out many times! A little alcohol spray to disinfect and cover with liquid bandage and you're good! This stuff is perfect for on set. 
Two perfect scenarios (may contain graphic image)...  
On a photo shoot a few years ago, our talent showed up with a HUGE gash on his head from a fall he'd taken the night before. You can't put makeup straight onto an open wound and we had no other option but to seal it with liquid bandage and then place makeup over the top.


On screen

In Person
Another great example of when this came in handy, was when I was shooting a commercial and our talent had a scene where he was gardening. We shot three takes of him planting a rose bush. On that third take he'd gotten pricked by a thorn and was bleeding pretty bad on his hand. Obviously you can't shoot the same scene with a bloody hand (or band aide)! So we cleaned it and put a little liquid bandage over top. Voila! It dries quickly too, so the whole process took only a couple minutes. 

3. Bug Spray
There have been times where we are shooting outside near buggy, mucky areas and sometimes production doesn't have any bug spray and everyone is miserable! So I always make sure to carry some bug spray if I know I'll be shooting outside in the warmer months. Your talent will thank you... 

4. Straws
Some of you may already know to carry straws, but some of you may not! These are always in my kit, no matter what. You'll need them on set, for brides, clients, etc. It's great to have on hand so your talent doesn't ruin their makeup or clothes! A great tip for carrying these babies (which I learned from another great artist, Martina Sykes), is to use a travel toothbrush holder!
It holds a good amount of straws and protects them from bending or getting destroyed while transported from job to job. 

5. Hand Warmers
These are LIFE SAVERS in the winter! I was just on set recently when we had to shoot outside. It was 10 degrees and it was a wintery/rain mix. It was HORRIBLY cold! Luckily our wardrobe girl was super prepared with loads of hand warmers, but I figure on smaller jobs it may be good to have a few sets on hand in your bag just in case. If production or wardrobe don't have any, at least you'll have a set for you and some for your talent. 

There they are! What types of products do you include that may seem unconventional?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Golden Globes

It's finally here! 

To start the new year right, let's recap some of the best looks from the Golden Globes Red Carpet. 

Kirsten Dunst

I was wow'd by her! 

I think her entire look was perfection- the soft messy bun was a perfect match for this sexy dress and sultry eye makeup. Pairing it with these gray smokey eyes was truly a match made in heaven, especially for her baby blues :) 
I love that she wasn't given a nude lip, but a soft, matte pink lip color. It was the perfect pop of color without being overbearing. 

Uzo Aduba

I mean... 

She looked beautiful! 
Her skin was luminous with a soft touch of color on her cheeks. Her eyes were a great match for her fun sparkly dress. Black rimmed eyes added drama without taking over the entire look. Her lip color, a soft bit of color to brighten the face. PERFECT! 
I am also obsessed with her wavy bob. It is so refreshing and expertly executed. 

Sophia Bush

I couldn't NOT go with her... 

She was one of the first that I took notice to on the red carpet. Her look was so elegant, and chic-- plus I had to show some love to the Chicago PD Actress :) 
She kept her hair and makeup very classic and clean to go with her sleek dress. Clean, bright eyes set up the perfect canvas for her bold red lip. I absolutely LOVED her sleek (and tiny!) ponytail with the deep side part. It was clean, modern and just perfection. 

Melissa McCarthy

I truly thought Melissa looked beautiful. There have been some red carpets in the past where I wasn't a huge fan of her styling, so I had to include her on this list because she did it RIGHT this time! 
Her hair was soft and natural with loose waves that softened the face. She accompanied that with more natural makeup, some lashes and a natural pink lip. 
It was a great compliment to her sparkly dress and jewels, any more glitz in her makeup and it would have been overkill! 

There were SO many great makeup and hair looks from the Golden Globes this year that it was REALLY tough to narrow it down. 
Some other beauties who I think did it right... 

From Left to Right & Top to bottom: 
Taraji P Henson, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Jane Fonda, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Lady Gaga. 

What a fun red carpet and great start to the season! Tell me who your favorites were of the night and what were your favorite trends? 

Until the next one... 

*all photos c/o E! , 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Post Holiday Relaxation...

Hello loves, 

Happy New Year! 
I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with their family and friends. While this time of year is fun and sentimental, it can also be quite stressful. I've found the best thing to do after the New Year rings in, is to take a mental and beauty health day. 

With all the celebrating (ie; overeating and drinking winter cocktails), on top of the lack of sleep, and added holiday stress, your body needs a break! It's so important to make time for yourself. Whether it's for an hour or a full day, you deserve it. 

Here are 5 tips for recuperating after the most wonderful time of the year! 

1. Start with a Meditation.

I've been starting my mornings the past few months with a quick 5 minute meditation and I cannot express to you how helpful it is! It's a great way to start your day, as it puts you in a relaxed, positive mind set-- which helps with stress levels, anxiety, and even my patience! (road rage anyone?!) Taking just 5 minutes in the morning to quiet your mind and breathe deeply is important for your mental state. There are some great guided meditations on Youtube and 

2. Workout.  

I know. 
But honestly, taking even just 10 minutes to go for a walk will help to open up your mind and release all those wonderful endorphins! It will keep you motivated through the day and help you to feel great about yourself. So take a walk, or do some yoga. It doesn't have to be an extreme workout- just do something active that's fun and relaxing. 

3. Take a bath.

Your muscles may be sore and tired from lack of sleep, stress, NYE dancing... so create an ambiance and allow your muscles to relax and recharge. 
 Add some epsom salts to your bath. You can pick this up at any drugstore, grocery store or online. Ranging anywhere from $3- $10, you can get them unscented or scented (lavender is a favorite of mine for added relaxation). 

*Photo c/o

The salts help relieve muscle tension, stress and smooth your skin. 

4. Water and Vegetables.

A great way to recharge your body after the holidays is to eat lots of green veggies and drink plenty of water. After all the cheese plates and cookies and spiked apple cider, your body will be thanking you for replenishing. 
A great way to start your day is by drinking a big glass of water! If you get that first thing, you will be less likely to go for cereal or a bagel and more likely to make a smart breakfast decision and stay conscious of the amount of water you're drinking. 
Everything you put into your body has a direct effect on your skin- so keep that in mind :) The cleaner you eat, the cleaner your skin! 

5. Sleep.

Seems obvious, but many take sleep for granted! 
Turn off your computer (after reading this of course:)), turn off your phone and go to  bed at a decent hour. Really make sure you get a good night's sleep to try to make up for the lack of sleep over NYE :) Your skin needs this, your brain needs this and your body most definitely needs this. 

I hope this helps to remind you to take care of yourself! It's hard to constantly do all the right things all the time, but if you can dedicate a day or a few hours every week to focusing on these key tips-- it will help you to feel and look your best. 

To relaxation!