Sunday, January 17, 2016

5 Unexpected Items in your Set Bag...

Hey all... 

So many of you know that I am a freelance makeup artist who focuses on Commercial and Print work. For those of you out in the field, I figured it'd be fun to disclose some not so conventional items to carry if you're on set. 

A lot of times with my job, I am shooting on location.. which can mean, "shooting outside no matter what!" And here in Chicago, that can mean excruciating cold or sweltering heat!

Over the years I've learned a lot about set etiquette, what to carry onto set, and what to bring to jobs. I've learned that sometimes there are things that aren't necessarily expected of you, but good to have on hand. A lot of these items many artists don't carry regularly and honestly neither do I! There are a select few that I keep in my kit ALL THE TIME, but others I bring depending on the work conditions.

So here they are, 5 unexpected items to include in your set bag... 

1. Spray Sunscreen
I LOVE this stuff! This is one I keep on hand -- I carry a mini one in my kit! Not only is it great for obvious sun exposure, but I also love to use it to add a nice sheen to the skin. A lot of times on photo shoots the photographer asks to add some shine to the skin, and this will do the trick! Plus it's comfortable for the model/talent (not sticky)

2. Liquid Bandage
This stuff has bailed me out many times! A little alcohol spray to disinfect and cover with liquid bandage and you're good! This stuff is perfect for on set. 
Two perfect scenarios (may contain graphic image)...  
On a photo shoot a few years ago, our talent showed up with a HUGE gash on his head from a fall he'd taken the night before. You can't put makeup straight onto an open wound and we had no other option but to seal it with liquid bandage and then place makeup over the top.


On screen

In Person
Another great example of when this came in handy, was when I was shooting a commercial and our talent had a scene where he was gardening. We shot three takes of him planting a rose bush. On that third take he'd gotten pricked by a thorn and was bleeding pretty bad on his hand. Obviously you can't shoot the same scene with a bloody hand (or band aide)! So we cleaned it and put a little liquid bandage over top. Voila! It dries quickly too, so the whole process took only a couple minutes. 

3. Bug Spray
There have been times where we are shooting outside near buggy, mucky areas and sometimes production doesn't have any bug spray and everyone is miserable! So I always make sure to carry some bug spray if I know I'll be shooting outside in the warmer months. Your talent will thank you... 

4. Straws
Some of you may already know to carry straws, but some of you may not! These are always in my kit, no matter what. You'll need them on set, for brides, clients, etc. It's great to have on hand so your talent doesn't ruin their makeup or clothes! A great tip for carrying these babies (which I learned from another great artist, Martina Sykes), is to use a travel toothbrush holder!
It holds a good amount of straws and protects them from bending or getting destroyed while transported from job to job. 

5. Hand Warmers
These are LIFE SAVERS in the winter! I was just on set recently when we had to shoot outside. It was 10 degrees and it was a wintery/rain mix. It was HORRIBLY cold! Luckily our wardrobe girl was super prepared with loads of hand warmers, but I figure on smaller jobs it may be good to have a few sets on hand in your bag just in case. If production or wardrobe don't have any, at least you'll have a set for you and some for your talent. 

There they are! What types of products do you include that may seem unconventional?

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