Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars 2016

It's that time of year again... the Oscars! 

Usually I am very, very excited to review the looks on the red carpet, but with all the controversy around the award show this year, the lack of diversity was killing me! Not to mention the entire show was incredibly awkward and saddened my heart for our beautiful planet (climate change, honor killings, racism, ugghhhh!!!!)

Of course those who attended the event were beautiful and fun to watch, but it really was kind of boring... and short! There just weren't very many people attending this year so the pickings were slim.

But let's lighten the mood shall we... 

Part of why I love what I do is because it allows me to escape all the Bull**** of the world and make people feel good. Plus, I get to highlight the fun parts of the night! Like gowns, sparkles, champagne, lipstick, and lashes! Oh My!

So here they are, my top 5 beauty picks of the night. 

Saoirse Ronan

I mean.... 

Come ON!

Photos c/o

I still can't get over how gorgeous she looked last night! 
That dress is KILLER
It fits her like a glove. 
I am obsessed with the styling on her too! I love that she kept her hair down and unkempt-- it made the whole look feel more relaxed (which is how I picture her personality). I think an updo would have dramatically changed the appearance of this look and dress. The hair added just the right amount of sexiness. 
Her makeup was on point as well. Her skin looked healthy and beautiful, and the soft emerald smokey eye was perfection! It highlighted the dress amazingly well. 

Priyanka Chopra

photo c/o


photo c/o


photo c/o

She looked so stunning. 
Her dress was so beautiful and sexy. 
I love the fact that she kept her hair simple and streamlined with a slick, center parted pony. It highlighted her face and helped to showcase the dress, which has a lot going on. 
She kept her makeup classic with a soft cat eye, lashes and bold plum lip--the perfect pop of color! Priyanka has very striking features (brows, lashes, lips!), and I think she showcased them perfectly. Overall I think her look was very well balanced. 

Jennifer Garner

photos c/o

I was so excited to see Jennifer Garner look so good! 
I mean, she literally made my jaw drop. 
I'm not usually a huge fan of one shoulder dresses, but I am really loving this one! I think this dress highlights her tiny waist and she looks comfortable (and really that's what's most important, am I right?!) It had just the right amount of sparkle too :) 
I love the simple chignon. I am also a huge fan of the fact that her stylist added texture and volume to the front to keep it soft and romantic. The hair needed to be up with this dress to showcase the beautiful detail as well as her gorgeous shoulders and back. 
The makeup was a great match-- soft shadow on the eyes to make them pop, a soft lip and radiant skin. She looks like she feels great, and looks incredible. 
Go Jen! 

Alicia Vikander

photos c/o

 I love her use of color!
The yellow dress was so fun and unexpected-- She looked truly radiant in it too. Her tanned skin really popped!
I am seriously obsessing over her half up bun! 
It's a great match for this dress, as it's also very playful, and youthful. She kept her skin clean and glowy with a subtle contour in the cheekbones. The eyes are also kept soft and neutral-- which is a great call for such a bright dress! Her artist was sure to incorporate a little color on her face with a pink lip. I think it's exactly what she needed to keep up with her whimsical dress without being too distracting. 

Olivia Munn

photo c/o

photo c/o

photo c/o

I love the simplicity of her look. The dress is so clean and sleek, and I like that her stylists kept her hair and makeup consistent with that. 
The hair is awesome. Center parted and tied in a neat little chignon, this updo is sleek, sophisticated and just cool. 
I think her makeup is beautiful-- matching a lip to a dress can be tricky, but she pulled it off! Not only is an orange lip one of my favorite things ever, but it's paired with soft, bronzed eyes, lashes and a very natural looking brow. 

I think overall her look is structured, sleek and cool. 

So there you have it, my top 5 looks of the night. 
Who were your favorites?

Saturday, February 20, 2016


I'm currently on vacation on the beautiful beaches of Playa Del Carmen... 

So since I'm busy relaxing on a beach and giving my brain a break from all things makeup, I figured this post would be dedicated to a really fun beach shoot I did last year.

I haven't had the chance to show this off, but I'm quite proud of it. Our team spent a very hot July day perusing the beaches on the north side of the city. It was a LOT of fun! And we all left that day with a tan and an editorial :) 

Photographer: Kyle LaMere
Art Director: Nicholas Santore
Wardrobe/Styling: Karyn Dethrow of Dethrose Vintage
Makeup/Hair: Jen Brown

Madeline was a dream to work with, very easy going and willing to sit through the heat outside while we did quick makeup/hair changes! She has PERFECT porcelain skin, so it didn't take much to create her look... No foundation was used

Products Used: 
Skin: Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50
Embryolisse lait Creme
Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer
3 Custom Color Concealer
Senna Vivid Cheek Palette
NARS Laguna Bronzer

Eyes: It Cosmetics Gel Pencil Liner
MAC eyeshadows in various matte, earthy hues. 
NARS liquid pen

Nika Vaughan Forever Matte Lipstick

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Day In..

Valentine's Day is here! 
I love this holiday! Even though many may refer to it as a "greeting card holiday," and refuse to celebrate or think it's silly, I think it's a great chance to remind yourself of all the loved ones in your life! It's an opportunity to show your appreciation and love for them. <3  

Not to mention, I LOVE champagne, flowers, chocolate in heart shaped boxes and pretty much everything the commercialized holiday has to offer! 

Lucky us, this holiday falls on a Sunday this year, so no rushing from work to dinner plans. Most of you will have the day to relax and maybe even start the holiday from bed (get your head out of the gutter :)) you know, good old fashioned breakfast in bed :) 

With that, I leave you with some simple beauty tricks to feel your absolute best in the laziest way possible. 

1.) Wear something nice to bed..

Clothing is powerful. 

Ever put on an outfit and just feel better about yourself? Feel like you can take on whatever the day throws at you?? Well, this is an easy way to wake up feeling good from the get go. Maybe the night before you slip into that nighty that makes you feel special, or that cute/cozy pajama set you got for your birthday! 

Here are some cute and fun options for the occasion.. 

Victoria's Secret Afterhours Satin Pajama
photo c/o

How could I resist this adorable lip print pajama! They are warm, cozy and adorable for the occasion. they also come in a variety of fun patterns. 

Looking for something less conservative? 

Victoria's Secret Angel Sleep Slip
 photo c/o

I'm kind of obsessed with this one. Still sexy but a little more modest, comfortable and cute with an assortment of patterns. 

2.) Illuminating Skin Cream/Serum

Plan on spending the day in? That doesn't mean you should neglect all beauty routine! You can still get "dolled up" for the occasion :) Start with applying an illuminating skin cream/serum. There are so many to choose from! These illuminating products are great for hydrating the skin (especially after a long night's rest), and often have light reflecting particles to help brighten darker areas -- which in result makes your skin appear extra luminous and healthy. 

One of my current faves.. 

Nars Optimal Brightening Concentrate

photo c/o

I've been using this for a few months now and I really like it. This serum makes my skin look and feel luminous, bright and youthful. 

3.) Don't forget about your pout... 

You can't forget about your lips! Even if you do plan on staying in, be sure to apply a hydrating balm so those lips are kissable. Here are my favorite low key items...

Rosebud Salve

photo c/o

A cult classic for good reason. This stuff is the best in the market! For hydrated lips with a kissable finish, this is your go to product. They now offer this product in a tube form which is much easier for travel. Coming in a variety of flavors and scents, you can find the perfect match-- try the peppermint for a morning burst of freshness and energy. 

Looking for a hint of color? 

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint
photo c/o

I've talked about these sticks before-- I LOVE them! They are quick to apply, super hydrating and these particular ones add a sheer wash of color. Perfect for that, "I woke up like this," pout. 

4.) Body Oil 
Give your skin a boost of moisture and a little glow first thing in the morning. Applying a body oil is a great way to achieve that. These quick absorbing oils penetrate the skin to lock in moisture all while giving a nice sheen-- which makes your skin look healthy and radiant. 

A great one to try... 

Moroccan Dry Body Oil 
photo c/o

This body oil is so luxurious, quickly absorbing into the skin it's full of antioxidants which allow your skin to become healthier and brighter. 

5.) RELAX!

If you are lucky enough to have the day inside with a loved one, just enjoy your time with them and relax! Honestly one of the best beauty tricks in the book :)

Hope everyone has a fun Valentine's Day with those they love! Be sure to share if you try any of these beauty routines, would love to hear your thoughts! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kiss Proof Lipsticks

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I figured it's a great time to share some kiss proof lipsticks for the occasion :) 

I know my husband hates to get lipstick all over his face (as most people would), so I've spent a lot of time investing in smudge-proof, long wear lip colors. I've rounded up some of the best to help you get that perfect pout without the mess. 

Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick

photo c/o

I love this lipstick. 
I was turned onto this product line when I saw Celebrity Makeup Artist Tyron Machhausen used this lipstick in RAVEN on Margot Robbie for the Oscars last year. It was such a gorgeous color, I had to get it. I actually purchased it for a tv segment I was working on about Oscars Makeup with WCIU's You and Me in the Morning.
After purchasing and using on my model, I knew I was in love with this color! I wear it often and it LASTS! They have 9 shades ranging from pinks, to fuschia to a beautiful orange red (Raven) to a classic red. Something else I love about this product, is that they have it in a travel size for $10! You can't beat that, and honestly a travel size will last you a while! Liquid lipsticks pack a lot of punch, so a little goes a long way ;) 

Too Faced
photo c/o

This stuff is great because it comes in a wide range of colors (18!) and what's different about this liquid lipstick is that it has more of a glossy/satin like finish rather than a matte finish. Most liquid lipsticks are very matte and very drying, while this one is not. The pigment is strong, and it's in a cute tube with a simple applicator tip, so you can apply on the go! 


photo c/o

This is a more affordable option that works quite well! I've used L'Oreal's infallible lipsticks for years (they recently changed their packaging), and they last for hours! It's an awesome option if you're unsure about colors that work on you because they are easier on the wallet. They do have 24 colors to choose from, ranging from nudes to pinks to browns, to reds! I usually apply the color first, allow it to dry, apply a second coat and then top it with the balm on the other end. 

More of a gloss girl?
Try this...


photo c/o

This stuff is great if you prefer a glossy lip! The large color palette of 20 colors works from nudes to deep burgundy. So there is something for everyone. Lasts 8 hours with a glossy, sheer tint color-- it is beautiful. You can even use this to top your matte lipsticks if you want a little extra shine that'll last as long as your lipstick! 

There they are! 
Now get out there and find that perfect lip color your night out (or in :))!