Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars 2016

It's that time of year again... the Oscars! 

Usually I am very, very excited to review the looks on the red carpet, but with all the controversy around the award show this year, the lack of diversity was killing me! Not to mention the entire show was incredibly awkward and saddened my heart for our beautiful planet (climate change, honor killings, racism, ugghhhh!!!!)

Of course those who attended the event were beautiful and fun to watch, but it really was kind of boring... and short! There just weren't very many people attending this year so the pickings were slim.

But let's lighten the mood shall we... 

Part of why I love what I do is because it allows me to escape all the Bull**** of the world and make people feel good. Plus, I get to highlight the fun parts of the night! Like gowns, sparkles, champagne, lipstick, and lashes! Oh My!

So here they are, my top 5 beauty picks of the night. 

Saoirse Ronan

I mean.... 

Come ON!

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I still can't get over how gorgeous she looked last night! 
That dress is KILLER
It fits her like a glove. 
I am obsessed with the styling on her too! I love that she kept her hair down and unkempt-- it made the whole look feel more relaxed (which is how I picture her personality). I think an updo would have dramatically changed the appearance of this look and dress. The hair added just the right amount of sexiness. 
Her makeup was on point as well. Her skin looked healthy and beautiful, and the soft emerald smokey eye was perfection! It highlighted the dress amazingly well. 

Priyanka Chopra

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She looked so stunning. 
Her dress was so beautiful and sexy. 
I love the fact that she kept her hair simple and streamlined with a slick, center parted pony. It highlighted her face and helped to showcase the dress, which has a lot going on. 
She kept her makeup classic with a soft cat eye, lashes and bold plum lip--the perfect pop of color! Priyanka has very striking features (brows, lashes, lips!), and I think she showcased them perfectly. Overall I think her look was very well balanced. 

Jennifer Garner

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I was so excited to see Jennifer Garner look so good! 
I mean, she literally made my jaw drop. 
I'm not usually a huge fan of one shoulder dresses, but I am really loving this one! I think this dress highlights her tiny waist and she looks comfortable (and really that's what's most important, am I right?!) It had just the right amount of sparkle too :) 
I love the simple chignon. I am also a huge fan of the fact that her stylist added texture and volume to the front to keep it soft and romantic. The hair needed to be up with this dress to showcase the beautiful detail as well as her gorgeous shoulders and back. 
The makeup was a great match-- soft shadow on the eyes to make them pop, a soft lip and radiant skin. She looks like she feels great, and looks incredible. 
Go Jen! 

Alicia Vikander

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 I love her use of color!
The yellow dress was so fun and unexpected-- She looked truly radiant in it too. Her tanned skin really popped!
I am seriously obsessing over her half up bun! 
It's a great match for this dress, as it's also very playful, and youthful. She kept her skin clean and glowy with a subtle contour in the cheekbones. The eyes are also kept soft and neutral-- which is a great call for such a bright dress! Her artist was sure to incorporate a little color on her face with a pink lip. I think it's exactly what she needed to keep up with her whimsical dress without being too distracting. 

Olivia Munn

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photo c/o

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I love the simplicity of her look. The dress is so clean and sleek, and I like that her stylists kept her hair and makeup consistent with that. 
The hair is awesome. Center parted and tied in a neat little chignon, this updo is sleek, sophisticated and just cool. 
I think her makeup is beautiful-- matching a lip to a dress can be tricky, but she pulled it off! Not only is an orange lip one of my favorite things ever, but it's paired with soft, bronzed eyes, lashes and a very natural looking brow. 

I think overall her look is structured, sleek and cool. 

So there you have it, my top 5 looks of the night. 
Who were your favorites?

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