Thursday, June 12, 2014

TMS Chicago 2014

Hi Everyone! 

As many of you know, The Makeup Show came to Chicago this past weekend. 

What does that mean? It means all the artists in the area go a little shop crazy, drink lots of bubbles and network! 

Trade show madness!
This year was only two days (Saturday and Sunday), as opposed to last years 3 day stay (Sat-Mon), so for a lot of freelance artists it was a little tough to get some shopping in as weekends can be busy!

I did have a wedding on Saturday, but finished early enough to swing by the show afterwards. I made sure to make a game plan and shopping list before leaving the house... 
photo c/o JenBrownMakeup Instagram
I ran into some local artists who I love that were working the show that day including, Martina Sykes, Jamie Dahms, Bek Lieto and Crystal Portillo -- All of who were working with Matt and Paul over at the Frends Booth. 
Photo c/o Martina Sykes
I also ran into the lovely and talented Nicole Rogers of Bombshell Artistry over at The Makeup Light Booth

Photo c/o Nicole Rogers
Nicole had the super fun job of creating different hair and makeup looks on her model Noelle. 

Nicole working her magic, creating a beautiful braided updo. 

photo c/o Nicole Rogers
Final look
Nicole created a lot of beautiful looks throughout the show- you can see more of them on her instagram HERE

I have to say, I really love The Makeup Light. I spent a lot of time at their booth chatting with the creator/owner Michael Astalos. His wife is actually a makeup artist, which makes sense considering how well thought out this product is. It prepares you for any situation you may run into as a freelancer. Not to mention, the quality of light is beautiful, and I totally bought one :) I'll be expecting mine to show up sometime next week! 
I'll be sure to write a follow up post after using it a few times ;) 

You can obviously find their products at any upcoming Makeup Show, but you can also find where to purchase through their website HERE.  

After stalking The Makeup Light booth, I had the pleasure of meeting artists, seeing beautiful body paintings, and of course, picking up the last few things on my list. 

Kathleen Price, Kate Johnson, Martina Sykes.
 Cirque Du Soleil artist, Kathleen with Chicago artists Kate and Martina. 

House of Glam Models
Beautiful body painted Models, walking around the show!

Orlando Santiago and Matt Morelli
Mega talented Orlando and Matt repping the Frends Booth!
One very special moment that I failed to document while at the show, was meeting the ultra talented, Eugenia Weston. Eugenia is an incredible makeup artist and also the owner of Senna Cosmetics
She saw that I was working Sunday's show at the NARS booth (behold the power of social media), and took the time to swing by our booth, ask for me, and introduce herself. I was so floored by this gesture, that I didn't think to take a photo-- But this definitely made my Sunday :) 
 After making my rounds, here is my collection...
A bit modest compared to most :) 

Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive and Twinkle eye cream
Nurturing Force Airbrush cleaner
London Brush Company Vegan Brush Cleaner
Makeup Forever Uplight, Lab Shine glosses, Aqua Lips, and Face and Body Foundation
Mario Badescu Rose Spray and Drying Lotion
Embryolisse Hydra Mat and Lait Creme Concentrate
BDellium Concealer and Lip Brushes
Alcone Pro Makeup Wipes and Sponges
NARS Blush, Bronzers, Shadows and Polishes
Not pictured: The Makeup Light Pro Kit 
Temptu S/B Foundations

Believe it or not, that is not everything on my list! I was hoping to get some time to shop on Sunday since I was a little overwhelmed on Saturday-- I also wanted to check inventory and set a budget. 
I was working with NARS on Sunday, and the Booth was SO busy, that I didn't have any time to pick up the final Items I wanted to get, which included.. 
Senna Cream Blush Palette and Brow Palette
MAC empty palettes
INGLOT shadows

Luckily, all these items are available online and all offer discounts. I'm bummed I missed the show prices, but you can't win 'em all! Next year I won't hesitate on the products I know I love (such as the Senna blush palette, which sold out!), so I can be sure to get the best products at the best deals! 

Overall, it was a great show weekend! It was so fun and inspiring to be surrounded by all that talent. I had a great time chatting and catching up with fellow local artists who I never get to see, both at the show and at the Chicago Beauty Exchange's Beauty Mash Up Event!  

Jen Brown and Nika Vaughan

Nika Vaughan and I have partnered to create Chicago Beauty Exchange
click the link above for more info!

We wanted to host an event around The Makeup Show, to introduce local artists to some of the national trade show artists and vendors. 
Here are some snapshots from the event.. 

The bar at Quay Lounge

Getting things started
Jen Brown and Traci Fine
Nina Ottolino and Kristen Pulice
Mel Wilson and Matt Morelli
Juan Jose, Jordana, and Jen Brown

Sam and Emily

Oluwaseyi, Natali, Erica and Evelyn

The crowd!

Nika Vaughan and Mel Wilson

We had an incredible event!
Thank you to all the artists who stopped by even after working the show all day! Thank you to The Powder Group for making an appearance as well! We had a great time and hope to host another event like this for next year's show! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sine Qua Non

Hi beautiful people :) 

The other night I had the pleasure of attending a special preview night at Sine Qua Non Salon of a new program they are trying to start called “Sine Style Bar.”

With all the new blow dry and syle bars coming out, Sine saw this as an opportunity to show clients that even a full salon is capable and happy to provide styling services for your night out! 

The event was for industry professionals, bloggers, and writers. It was an example of the new weekly events they plan to host. 

So let's get down to it, here's my experience of the Sine Style Bar. 

Upon arriving I was greeted with smiling faces. Everyone was buzzing and super friendly. I was also greeted with a glass of cava- which I love! 

From there, I had my appointment set with Jac- a super cool chick and incredible stylist on their team for the past 2 years. 

I got to choose from any of the following styles... 

Of course I love the loose, beachy wave look, so I went with "The Hillary."

I told the receptionist that my hair was going on day 3 of no washing and was styled from the previous night before, so I wasn't sure if they'd be able to do anything with it! Of course he suggested a braided style, but then he also offered a wash and blow dry! 

So of course, I opted for the blow dry :) 

Jac, my stylist, was super sweet. She took the time to sit me down and figure out what I liked. She shampooed me and gave me the BEST head massage. EVER

From there, she gave me a blow out and followed in with an iron to get those beachy waves. 

Jac introduced me to a new hair product line that only Sine Qua Non is carrying in the city right now! It's a line called R&Co and from what I could tell- it's pretty amazing. It smelled great, it felt great and I am definitely going to buy some the next time I go in!
Aside from R&Co?  
There was this incredible new dry shampoo from Bumble and Bumble that blew my mind. It's called Dryspun Finish. 

You can put this invisible spray all over the hair, not just at the root. Point being?! 
It can give your hair that texture it needs to hold curl. Which my limp, straight hair, desperately needs!

The End Result... 

Obviously very happy. My hair felt and smelled amazing :) 

It didn't feel product-y, or stiff, I could run my fingers through it, and it lasted for 2 days :)

On my way out the door I was given a little gift bag full of product goodies. 

In the bag... 
A bunch of new hair products for me to try and a Sine Points card-- Works just the same as getting points at Sephora! You can earn points with new referrals, purchases and even check ins! From there you can earn some cash for your next appointment :) 

All in All, it was a super fun event and with lots of very cool people. Everyone was so welcoming, and easy going, and all the ladies leaving the event that night looked pretty amazing. 

Please go check out Sine Qua Non Salons (several locations in Chicago) the next time you're looking for a place to go! And keep an eye out on their website and blog for updated information on the next Style Night