Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mature Skin

Oh the joys of getting older...

I see a lot of women struggle with their makeup routines as they get older. 
Many have stuck with the same routine from their teens and early twenties. 

While it may seem harmless, not updating your makeup look, you could be aging yourself even more! 
So how can you look your best with each passing decade? 
Love your skin, and update your makeup routine to fit your lifestyle.

So let's recap with some Do's and Don'ts for mature skin makeup...

*photo by Clayton Hauck, h/mu: Jen Brown

Use hydrating products. 
One of the downsides of aging skin is a lack of moisture. It's very important to always moisturize before makeup and to use lightweight, hydrating products. These products won't settle into any fine lines and will help to keep skin bright and luminous.

Foundation: Try any of these beautiful foundations...

Makeup Forever Face and Body Foundation: 
Light to medium Coverage

*photo c/o

This very light weight, hydrating, water based foundation is perfect for very light coverage to medium coverage. Built to layer on the skin, this has a satin, natural finish-- creating the look of dewey, healthy skin.

Makeup Forever Liquid Lift Foundation: 
Fuller more Medium Coverage

*photo c/o

An oil free makeup that "lifts" the skin and fills fine lines. It has a fuller more medium coverage.

Cream Blush: I always opt for a cream blush on my clients- it's a soft/natural wash of color and again, the creamy texture won't settle into any fine lines and help to keep a glowy, youthful effect.

Tarte Cheek Stain: 

*Photo c/o

Super easy application of this sheer based cheek color that lasts for up to 12 hours. 
It has a natural looking tint that brightens. Apply directly from tube onto the apples of the cheeks and use your fingers to tap it up to the cheekbones. This can be  used on the lips too!  *

Concealer: Choose a hydrating, light weight concealer like...

Eve Pearl Pearlfx Liquid Salmon Concealer and Eye Brightener: 

*photo c/o

Lightweight liquid concealer that covers the toughest dark circles.
This concealer is layer-able and sheer enough not to sink into fine lines. With a built in brush you can target those troublesome areas easily.

OVER powder! 
Many older women get freaked out if I pull out a loose powder to set their makeup. They truly believe that no powder should be used...
And while yes, powder can settle into fine lines, it really depends on the type of powder and how much you're using. That's why I always tell my mature women clients to stay away from powder foundations (the lack of moisture in the skin leaves the foundation sitting on top, making it look chalky and obvious).

Powder: Avoid emphasizing what you're trying to tone down by using a finely milled loose powder like...

Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder:

*photo c/o

This invisible powder melts into skin and compliments every skin tone.
Apply lightly with a fluffy brush to areas that need setting (usually the T-zone and a little under the eyes).

DON'T ...
Be afraid of color! 

As we get older we lose a lot of color in our cheeks and lips.

The best way to add that youthful appearance back is to incorporate color into your makeup routine. Use a lip tint, and don't forget to add blush to those cheeks! And just because you're over 50 doesn't mean you have to own a neutral eye palette! You can still pull off greens, and golds, and violets if you want.

I love this look on a Mother of the Bride I had a few years back. We incorporated golds and deep purples on her eyes with a pop of lip color! 

Some things to keep in mind... 

*When playing with color...
 Remember to keep a balance. Color can be tricky at any age! So really pay attention to what speaks to you-- trust me, you know more than you think! Go with your gut on this and have fun with it! The more you play, the more you learn! 

*When playing with metallics... 
Try to keep shiny, shimmer, and metallic shades away from crepe-y or wrinkled areas of the eyes/skin. The bright texture will only call attention to them. Try to pick an area of the eye where skin is taught. 

*When lining your eyes... 
Focus on softening the liner as you get older. Use less harsh blacks and move into navy's, grey's or brown's. 
A great tip is to use a pencil or gel and top with a shadow to soften any harsh lines. As we get older, our features tend to soften, and with that, so must our makeup. 

I hope this post was helpful for you! If you have some favorite tips, or additional questions, please feel free to share in the comments section!

In the meantime, take the time to love the skin you're in and work with your best features!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Seeing GOLD: Inside AUROUS Editorial

Hello all, 

If you follow me in Instagram you've probably seen some sneak peeks of the latest editorial I worked on: AUROUS

This was such an incredible shoot with an amazing team. 
Here's a behind the scenes look inside the shoot... 

The Crew
Photographer: Kyle LaMere
Model: Jessica Ann Klaas 
Hair Stylist: Gia Tummillo 
Makeup Artist: Jen Brown
Makeup Assistant: Yvonne Wallace

Inspiration Strikes

The whole shoot came about because I worked on a job with our model Jessica. She and I discussed how we need to do more creative shoots and that we'd love to work together again. 

Through the power of social media, I'd posted a behind the scenes photo of Jessica and I on my facebook page. Lucky for us, Kyle LaMere saw this and commented immediately, showing much interest in doing a collaboration. We've both independently worked with Kyle before, so we decided to come up with a shoot for all 3 of us to work on!

Fast Forward

Jessica proposed a gold inspired shoot. She mentioned she really wanted to play around with Gold Leaf. From there I pulled some inspiration photos with ideas of things I'd liked-- some included gold leaf, but I was more interested in playing with liquid gold and different textures.

Dinner Date

The 3 of us met for dinner with photos and ideas. Kyle discussed lighting he wanted to try while I talked about the materials and ideas I had for makeup/hair. Jessica was on board with everything! 


Last minute, I decided (with the encouragement of fellow artist Nika :)) that I needed help with this shoot. Especially since we'd be on a time crunch-- Kyle had somewhere to be by 6pm, so we had a limited shoot schedule. 
So I enlisted the help of a talented hair stylist and asked around for an assistant artist to help with clean up and body painting. 
What a life saver! 
Having these two gals on board was so helpful and extra inspiring! Having two more creatives there to propose ideas and get their thoughts was incredibly helpful and really pushed the shoot from being good to great. 


Now sadly I don't just own gold paint and glitter (But I do now :)), so I had to hit the craft store for some glitter and Kryolan for some gold makeup! It was so fun!


We started our shoot day at Noon. We had 6 hours to get 4 very dramatic looks down. 

Gia concentrating hard on those waves...

The Finished Product: 


Thank you to a beautiful team!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Organic Skincare

Hello beauties,

Recently I made a switch in my skincare routine and I felt I should share because honestly, I couldn't be happier! 

My skin looks and feels awesome. 

I don't feel like I'm pumping a bunch of chemicals into my system. After all, your skin is the largest organ and does indeed soak up everything you put on it (and in it :))

I've been very lucky when it comes to skin- I've never had any major issues-- just dryness and the occasional pimple. Of course now, as I enter my 30's I'm noticing how much less my skin bounces back! And how lines and spots are starting to show... 

I was not great about sun protection as a teenager. I didn't really implement SPF in my daily routine until my mid twenties. So I have plenty of sun damage coming my way I'm sure! 

As a makeup artist, I don't wear much makeup. Obviously, I love makeup-- as an art form, self expression, and of course to make myself feel a little more special. 

While makeup is incredibly powerful, I find skincare to be much more powerful. Being proud and accepting of who you are and all your characteristics as an individual is much more interesting and beautiful (to me at least!)

I hope to contribute to the revolutionary thought that we shouldn't be ashamed of anything short of "perfect" because let's be honest-- that's a small percentage of people. 

And please know that people with money can afford regular facials, lasers, procedures, etc. So while you look at celebrities that "haven't had plastic surgery" know that they are doing PLENTY of other things that don't count as surgery (aka Laser treatments, etc)

While I'm not an esthetician, I've taken it upon myself to learn as much as I can about proper skincare, and I think I've settled in a good place. 

I'll have to do a post on my skincare journey from the beginning to current day (so you can learn from my mistakes!), but in the meantime, here is what I've indulged in...

Tammy Fender Organic Skincare

I stumbled upon this while googling random organic skincare lines. This popped up as one of the best, so naturally I clicked the link...

All the products are derived from organic plants/flowers. The packaging is beautiful! brown glass containers that you can recycle later (or repurpose)!

I decided to start with one of their treatment kits for a couple reasons...
1. Committing to buying a full size product without ever trying it was a bit of a gamble especially considering the price tag attached...
2. It was a great money saving way to try the whole system to find what I liked and disliked, or what worked for me and what might not.

I ordered the Anti-Aging Treatment Kit.
*photo c/o

The kit includes: 
Cleansing Milk
Bulgarian Rose Water
Quintessential Serum
Intensive Repair Balm
Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil

It struck my interest because I'm always looking at preventative products for aging! The more I can do now to have great skin later is worth it in my mind :)

Also, it was the lowest priced kit at $165, and was advertised to benefit dry, dehydrated, hormonally imbalanced, sun damaged and mature skin.

I am definitely more dry/dehydrated, sun damaged and hormonally imbalanced :)

I immediately started using the kit as a whole and it is lovely.

The cleansing milk is a hydrating, lightweight cleanser.
Once a week I use the Epi-Peel, which is their exfoliant. It smells amazing and is gentle enough on my skin. It really awakens your senses and brightens the skin! I've always been one to make my own exfoliants (see here), but this is pretty great!
I follow that with the Rose Water (which I've been obsessed with for years! I use Rose Water on my clients all the time :)).
If it's daytime, I'll go straight for the Intensive Repair Balm, which my skin LOVES. It's a super hydrating moisturizer, but it's still very lightweight.
Nighttime post rose water, I'll use the Quintessential Serum. It has a lovely smell and while it's mostly oils, it absorbs fairly quickly. It's a nice extra boost for the evening.

Lastly, the kit includes a Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil... holy moly. This stuff is beautiful! Post shower, I put on while my skin is still wet. Your skin is immediately soft, hydrated and the lavender scent is calming and light.

Overall, my skin is happy with this set up!
I have implemented my own things on the side... I will always do different masks! I also have started adding in a retinol a couple times a week and an SPF for the daytime.

I will absolutely stick with this line- my skin looks refreshed, and feels really good.
While the kit products are smaller sized, a little goes a long way, so hopefully I can stagger the orders so I'm not spending a ton at once!

As mentioned before, I'm willing to invest in good skincare to have great skin. Now I'm just on the hunt for the perfect Organic SPF for my face....