Monday, June 13, 2016

Seeing GOLD: Inside AUROUS Editorial

Hello all, 

If you follow me in Instagram you've probably seen some sneak peeks of the latest editorial I worked on: AUROUS

This was such an incredible shoot with an amazing team. 
Here's a behind the scenes look inside the shoot... 

The Crew
Photographer: Kyle LaMere
Model: Jessica Ann Klaas 
Hair Stylist: Gia Tummillo 
Makeup Artist: Jen Brown
Makeup Assistant: Yvonne Wallace

Inspiration Strikes

The whole shoot came about because I worked on a job with our model Jessica. She and I discussed how we need to do more creative shoots and that we'd love to work together again. 

Through the power of social media, I'd posted a behind the scenes photo of Jessica and I on my facebook page. Lucky for us, Kyle LaMere saw this and commented immediately, showing much interest in doing a collaboration. We've both independently worked with Kyle before, so we decided to come up with a shoot for all 3 of us to work on!

Fast Forward

Jessica proposed a gold inspired shoot. She mentioned she really wanted to play around with Gold Leaf. From there I pulled some inspiration photos with ideas of things I'd liked-- some included gold leaf, but I was more interested in playing with liquid gold and different textures.

Dinner Date

The 3 of us met for dinner with photos and ideas. Kyle discussed lighting he wanted to try while I talked about the materials and ideas I had for makeup/hair. Jessica was on board with everything! 


Last minute, I decided (with the encouragement of fellow artist Nika :)) that I needed help with this shoot. Especially since we'd be on a time crunch-- Kyle had somewhere to be by 6pm, so we had a limited shoot schedule. 
So I enlisted the help of a talented hair stylist and asked around for an assistant artist to help with clean up and body painting. 
What a life saver! 
Having these two gals on board was so helpful and extra inspiring! Having two more creatives there to propose ideas and get their thoughts was incredibly helpful and really pushed the shoot from being good to great. 


Now sadly I don't just own gold paint and glitter (But I do now :)), so I had to hit the craft store for some glitter and Kryolan for some gold makeup! It was so fun!


We started our shoot day at Noon. We had 6 hours to get 4 very dramatic looks down. 

Gia concentrating hard on those waves...

The Finished Product: 


Thank you to a beautiful team!

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