Monday, June 6, 2016

Organic Skincare

Hello beauties,

Recently I made a switch in my skincare routine and I felt I should share because honestly, I couldn't be happier! 

My skin looks and feels awesome. 

I don't feel like I'm pumping a bunch of chemicals into my system. After all, your skin is the largest organ and does indeed soak up everything you put on it (and in it :))

I've been very lucky when it comes to skin- I've never had any major issues-- just dryness and the occasional pimple. Of course now, as I enter my 30's I'm noticing how much less my skin bounces back! And how lines and spots are starting to show... 

I was not great about sun protection as a teenager. I didn't really implement SPF in my daily routine until my mid twenties. So I have plenty of sun damage coming my way I'm sure! 

As a makeup artist, I don't wear much makeup. Obviously, I love makeup-- as an art form, self expression, and of course to make myself feel a little more special. 

While makeup is incredibly powerful, I find skincare to be much more powerful. Being proud and accepting of who you are and all your characteristics as an individual is much more interesting and beautiful (to me at least!)

I hope to contribute to the revolutionary thought that we shouldn't be ashamed of anything short of "perfect" because let's be honest-- that's a small percentage of people. 

And please know that people with money can afford regular facials, lasers, procedures, etc. So while you look at celebrities that "haven't had plastic surgery" know that they are doing PLENTY of other things that don't count as surgery (aka Laser treatments, etc)

While I'm not an esthetician, I've taken it upon myself to learn as much as I can about proper skincare, and I think I've settled in a good place. 

I'll have to do a post on my skincare journey from the beginning to current day (so you can learn from my mistakes!), but in the meantime, here is what I've indulged in...

Tammy Fender Organic Skincare

I stumbled upon this while googling random organic skincare lines. This popped up as one of the best, so naturally I clicked the link...

All the products are derived from organic plants/flowers. The packaging is beautiful! brown glass containers that you can recycle later (or repurpose)!

I decided to start with one of their treatment kits for a couple reasons...
1. Committing to buying a full size product without ever trying it was a bit of a gamble especially considering the price tag attached...
2. It was a great money saving way to try the whole system to find what I liked and disliked, or what worked for me and what might not.

I ordered the Anti-Aging Treatment Kit.
*photo c/o

The kit includes: 
Cleansing Milk
Bulgarian Rose Water
Quintessential Serum
Intensive Repair Balm
Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil

It struck my interest because I'm always looking at preventative products for aging! The more I can do now to have great skin later is worth it in my mind :)

Also, it was the lowest priced kit at $165, and was advertised to benefit dry, dehydrated, hormonally imbalanced, sun damaged and mature skin.

I am definitely more dry/dehydrated, sun damaged and hormonally imbalanced :)

I immediately started using the kit as a whole and it is lovely.

The cleansing milk is a hydrating, lightweight cleanser.
Once a week I use the Epi-Peel, which is their exfoliant. It smells amazing and is gentle enough on my skin. It really awakens your senses and brightens the skin! I've always been one to make my own exfoliants (see here), but this is pretty great!
I follow that with the Rose Water (which I've been obsessed with for years! I use Rose Water on my clients all the time :)).
If it's daytime, I'll go straight for the Intensive Repair Balm, which my skin LOVES. It's a super hydrating moisturizer, but it's still very lightweight.
Nighttime post rose water, I'll use the Quintessential Serum. It has a lovely smell and while it's mostly oils, it absorbs fairly quickly. It's a nice extra boost for the evening.

Lastly, the kit includes a Bulgarian Lavender Body Oil... holy moly. This stuff is beautiful! Post shower, I put on while my skin is still wet. Your skin is immediately soft, hydrated and the lavender scent is calming and light.

Overall, my skin is happy with this set up!
I have implemented my own things on the side... I will always do different masks! I also have started adding in a retinol a couple times a week and an SPF for the daytime.

I will absolutely stick with this line- my skin looks refreshed, and feels really good.
While the kit products are smaller sized, a little goes a long way, so hopefully I can stagger the orders so I'm not spending a ton at once!

As mentioned before, I'm willing to invest in good skincare to have great skin. Now I'm just on the hunt for the perfect Organic SPF for my face....

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