Sunday, May 20, 2012

Airbrush Makeup

Makeup artists have been using airbrush makeup compressors for many years. While these fabulous tools have been around for so long, everyday women are noticing them more and more. Companies are starting to advertise more for personal airbrush kits as opposed to just the professionals. I'm here to fill you in, and you can decide: 

Is it worth it? 

Some of you may be curious about airbrush makeup especially with the hot summer days coming up. You may be looking for a nice, smooth finish that will last through the day. Brides LOVE the airbrush makeup because it's a chance for them to feel ultra glam and pampered, but also to feel secure in knowing it's not going anywhere!

I have to be honest, I fought against getting an airbrush for a long time. Crazy because I love it now, but for a while I just kept telling myself.... 
It's too expensive.
It's just another thing to lug around.
I can get the same results by applying foundation by hand.

While all those things ring true, I am so happy to own one! For my business it's crucial. Brides are crazy for it, HD television is all over, and let's just face it--there are some things that are nearly impossible to cover flawlessly ;) 

Airbrush makeup is applied using an air compressor which creates a steady flow of foundation that you control using the trigger on your "brush" or "air gun." The application can be as light or as heavy as you desire. So you can apply more product in areas that need a little more coverage, but it will blend seamlessly and won't give you that cake-y look. 

Airbrush is a very clean and germ free application. The foundation goes straight into your air gun which is cleaner than brushes and sponges which can hold a lot of bacteria (be sure to clean them between uses!).

Another perk about the airbrush makeup: The makeup is water resistant. So sweat and tears bare no threat! Granted, you will still need to blot as your skin is still breathing and may still produce oil, but it won't ruin your makeup. 

While I do airbrush often, I also do most of my work by hand. Partially to keep in good practice, but also because I enjoy it. It is definitely possible to create a flawless/long lasting look without an airbrush--It's just a matter of taking care of your skin, and applying the right products correctly. Many posts and videos will be made to showcase some options for you guys :)   

In Conclusion....

As with anything else, airbrush makeup is just another way apply makeup. Everyone has a preference for themselves based on what works best for them and their skin, what's easiest/fastest, and of course convenient. 

Foundation is definitely something that you should be taking the time to figure out! It is the base of your makeup routine and when done wrong, offsets the entire face! So experiment! Go play with different types of foundations and application techniques. Trial and error is the only way you'll learn :) 

Hope this was helpful! Everyone enjoy your Sunday! 

xoxo Jen

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vacation is over...

Time to get back to reality! 
Vacation was a blast and oh-so-necessary. I've recently confirmed just how important it is to take a break and treat yourself, even if it's just for a day :) 

That being said, It's time for me to get back on the blogging train! I've been gone for 10 whole days and now home for 4 without a single post. 
I apologize. 

This is an update post! 
Check out some of the exciting things that are happening/happened/soon to happen!

I went on Vacation: DUH
*The boyfriend and I*

And guess what? I didn't wear a stitch of makeup! My skin took a long break and enjoyed the natural elements of sand, clean air and salty ocean water :) 

But before Vacation...
I did some test shoots with Bryan Whitely.

 *Alexis with Factor Women Chicago*

*Laura Catherwood with Factor Women Chicago*
Photographer: Bryan Whitely
Hair and Makeup: Jen Brown

My work made the cover of Latino Leaders Magazine!

 Print Cover
 Online Version

-Individual Head Shots-
sorry they're small-don't have the hi res yet!

Photographed by AJ Kane

I have also become an Associate in the bridal department of the fabulously talented makeup artist: Nika Vaughan. <--Click her name to see her work and my bridal work! It even includes a collaborative shoot we worked on. 

A big collaborative Bridal shoot I worked on in April was featured on Ruffled Blog. Here's a sneak peak of the 80's themed Wedding!

--Full shoot and vendor list can be found on the Ruffled Blog--

And my biggest project as of late... 
My newly updated and designed website! 
I had a great website before from my good friend Michael, but it was in Flash. I wanted to design and create a new HTML style site so people could view it with their phones. So here it is, the site I have BUILT and LAUNCHED myself!! 

Last but certainly not least, I bought a bigger memory card for my camera. This is important because that means I can start filming! yay! Tutorials are so so close, so get ready! 

In the meantime, if you have any comments, suggestions, questions... Please feel free to leave them in the comments section. I'd love to hear what you'd love to learn! :) 

xoxo Jen