Monday, December 31, 2012

Post NYE Beauty secrets

Yes yes, New Year's Eve is all about celebrating with friends and family, creating new resolutions to better yourself, blah blah blah..

For most of you it's a good excuse to drink loads of champagne and party like it's going out of style! I intend to partake in some celebrating myself :) 

In case some of you need to work the next day, or have a brunch date, or just need to leave the house-- Here are some helpful hints for that puffy, exhausted face :) 

Things to help the night before...

No matter how tired you are, it is so important! Especially since more makeup is typically worn for the occasion (as stated in my previous blog post here), and you've been drinking, dancing, eating, and sweating, it is a bacterial haven! 
Last NYE, I came home at 4am and before I even looked at my bed, I headed straight to the washroom to wash my face of the evening! It'll make you feel so much better in the morning and save your skin!

2. Take some aspirin.
If you've had too much alcohol, it'll save your life (and your headache). If you have some advil PM, it'll help you get that extra beauty rest you need!

3. Wash that aspirin down with lots of water. 
When I come home and if I've had more alcohol than I intend, I try to drink a quart of water (4 glasses) before bed. The aspirin is a lifesaver in itself, but if you hydrate before bed, you wake up feeling SO much better! Not only that, your skin will thank you. 

Rise and Shine...

1. More water!
First thing's first, start your day with another big glass of water! Hydration is key to feeling and looking better. Coconut water is a great source of hydration as well. 

2. Cold Spoons. 
Notice some puffiness around your eyes? Place some cold spoons over them and relax for 10 minutes. Another trick to remember to do, the next time you have green tea, save the tea bags. Placing cold tea bags on your eyes will help with the swelling as well. Not to mention the helpful antioxidants and caffeine boost your skin gets!

3. Hydrate your skin.
How'd you know I was going to say that? 
After your cold spoon remedy (or splashing your face with cold water if you don't have puffiness), use a good moisturizer followed by an eye cream.

And remember, my best tip to distract from tired eyes-- LIPSTICK! Throw on a bright lip color and put on some shades! 

Hope this helps you post celebration! You want to start the New Year right! Practice good habits for 2013! 
Happy New Year everyone! 
xoxo Jen

Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Eve Makeup!

The best reason for glitter!

NYE seems to be the most appropriate time for ladies to really experiment and play with their makeup looks! It's always fun to see what people do. 

I, myself am a lip girl. I always rock bright colored hues on my lips. It's what makes me feel good, sexy and fun :) 
But whenever NYE comes around I usually play up my eyes more as well. This magical night is a time when women can throw all the rules out the window and go BIG with their looks. 

Here's a sample of what I did last year: 
*excuse the poor photo- via iPhone :) 

Glitter lids with kohl rimmed eyes, lashes and of course, red lips :) 

It was SO fun to wear. It felt super festive and special because I never wear that type of makeup day to day. 

Unsure of what look you want to do this year? Here are some classic combos and other fun looks you which you can't go wrong!

Retro Lovely: 

*photo by Peggy Clements Hair and MU: Jen Brown

You can't go wrong with a classic Cat Eye and Red Lip. This look is timeless and will never go out of style. I feel like it's so simple, but for someone that doesn't wear a lot of makeup, it makes quite the impact!

Favorite Products to create this look: 

Metallic Hues:
Soft Silver
*photo by Chris Rucker, Model: Stasia, Hair and MU: Jen Brown 

I LOVE metallics. 
I love gold, silver, glitter, copper, you name it, I'll wear it! 
The shimmery sheen you get from these shadows are perfect for evening and feel extremely festive! They catch the light beautifully and will work with any eye color. 

Favorite products to create these looks: 

Glamorous Gold

*Photo by Chris Rucker, Model: Katie Jens, hair and MU: Jen Brown

*Photo by RB DelRosario, Model: Katia, Hair: Timea, MU: Jen Brown

There are so many variations of a smokey eye it's kind of ridiculous! 
Whenever I get a request for a smokey eye, I decide the type by their eye shape, color, lid space, etc. 

Here are a few styles that have that smokey drama:
*Photo by Bryan Whitely, Model: Isabella, Hair & MU: Jen Brown

Great example of a soft smokey eye. Keeping the darkest shadows on the outer corners and keeping it light on the lid. 

*Photo courtesy of my iPhone :)

Example of a soft/subtle smokey eye. Keeping all the dark liner and shadow on the lid below the crease. 

*Photo by RB DelRosario Model: Brittney, Hair & MU: Jen Brown

 These two photos are great examples of very dramatic smokey eyes. The top photo incorporates shimmer tones and silvery hues, while the photo below shows a very dark smokey eye with a soft highlight on the inner corner. Both extend out beyond the natural eye. 
*Photo: Bryan Whitely, Model: Katrina, Hair & MU: Jen Brown

*Photo: Chris Rucker, Model: Allie, Hair & MU: Jen Brown

Here is a sample of creating a crease with a smokey eye. 

Favorite products to create a smokey look: 

Hope this helps to inspire some playful makeup for NYE! 
Have a fun, safe night out tomorrow! 

xoxo Jen

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making a comeback

Hello friends!
I'm finally making my blog comeback! I am making it a New Year's resolution to be better about creating posts and following through with my ideas :) 

Winter is finally making it's appearance here in Chicago -- yes, there were a few flurries today! I figured it called for some wintertime survival tips! Things that will save your skin and some time :) 

One of my favorite things about the cooler months, is bringing back my beloved head scarf. Back when I was a wee little babe, I would wear my pink and gold head scarf paired perfectly with red lipstick EVERYDAY!
No joke. 

So today, with my dirty hair, I was able to bring it back! 

In the summertime while it's hot and humid, I like all my hair off my face- especially when I'm working. So I will rock the top knots and braids (thank goodness they were so IN this year!), but when it get's chilly like this, I prefer the scarf.

I literally tie it underneath my hair, pull all my hair to the side with the knot of the scarf, and roll it into a bun. From there, I wrap a hair tie around it and VOILA! 

Easy, cute and WARM!

Now for your skin, 
I've preached about the importance of exfoliation (especially in the winter months- read about it HERE), but another tip for hydrated winter skin, is a good hydration mask. 

There are many masks you can use on your skin for different needs (clear pores, oxygenate skin, exfoliate.. etc), but for winter, I highly suggest using a hydrating mask, especially for those with drier skin. 
I have combination skin for sure-- super dry in some areas and oily down the T-zone. But in the winter, I can get dry patches. I especially need extra hydration under my eyes. 

I just purchased the Burts Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask and it is awesome! 

Photo courtesy of Burts Bees

It makes my skin feel like silk! It is a mask you don't rinse off-- so it's SUPER hydrating. You wipe it off with a tissue and allow the rest to absorb into the skin-- like your night cream. I love it!

There are so many different types you can buy, you might even be able to get a sample to try before buying if you go to the department store. 

Another quick fix you can carry on the go is Evian Facial Water Spray

Evian photo courtesy of

This spray is water from the French Alps that is said to have a plethora of minerals that are easily absorbed by our skin. 

It is often used as a form of re-hydration throughout the day. 
I LOVE it. 

It's perfect for a quick pick me up if you're feeling dehydrated or just need a boost before your night out straight from work. It refreshes and brightens your skin instantly. 

This is probably one of the best products to carry with you when you fly! Flying really dehydrates your skin, so spritzing this instantly refreshes and wakes you up! 

I hope this helps your winter woes--at least some of them :)