Monday, December 31, 2012

Post NYE Beauty secrets

Yes yes, New Year's Eve is all about celebrating with friends and family, creating new resolutions to better yourself, blah blah blah..

For most of you it's a good excuse to drink loads of champagne and party like it's going out of style! I intend to partake in some celebrating myself :) 

In case some of you need to work the next day, or have a brunch date, or just need to leave the house-- Here are some helpful hints for that puffy, exhausted face :) 

Things to help the night before...

No matter how tired you are, it is so important! Especially since more makeup is typically worn for the occasion (as stated in my previous blog post here), and you've been drinking, dancing, eating, and sweating, it is a bacterial haven! 
Last NYE, I came home at 4am and before I even looked at my bed, I headed straight to the washroom to wash my face of the evening! It'll make you feel so much better in the morning and save your skin!

2. Take some aspirin.
If you've had too much alcohol, it'll save your life (and your headache). If you have some advil PM, it'll help you get that extra beauty rest you need!

3. Wash that aspirin down with lots of water. 
When I come home and if I've had more alcohol than I intend, I try to drink a quart of water (4 glasses) before bed. The aspirin is a lifesaver in itself, but if you hydrate before bed, you wake up feeling SO much better! Not only that, your skin will thank you. 

Rise and Shine...

1. More water!
First thing's first, start your day with another big glass of water! Hydration is key to feeling and looking better. Coconut water is a great source of hydration as well. 

2. Cold Spoons. 
Notice some puffiness around your eyes? Place some cold spoons over them and relax for 10 minutes. Another trick to remember to do, the next time you have green tea, save the tea bags. Placing cold tea bags on your eyes will help with the swelling as well. Not to mention the helpful antioxidants and caffeine boost your skin gets!

3. Hydrate your skin.
How'd you know I was going to say that? 
After your cold spoon remedy (or splashing your face with cold water if you don't have puffiness), use a good moisturizer followed by an eye cream.

And remember, my best tip to distract from tired eyes-- LIPSTICK! Throw on a bright lip color and put on some shades! 

Hope this helps you post celebration! You want to start the New Year right! Practice good habits for 2013! 
Happy New Year everyone! 
xoxo Jen


  1. Don't for get lots of vitamin C :)

  2. Yes! Vitamin C is a must! Vitamin B too :) Helps with energy :) xo