Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So Long 2012, hello 2013

As a little send off to 2012, I figured I'd spend this first week of the new year looking back at all the amazing opportunities and projects I've had the pleasure of working! 

So here's a quick countdown of some of the most exciting things in my career for the year! 
(and some of my favorites :))

5. Photo spreads and Ads.
I absolutely LOVE print work! I did more work with Time Out Chicago this year than the previous 3 years, including 2 different fashion spreads! I absolutely adore the people at Time Out and love working with them. Here are just a few of the shoots we worked on this year...

 *Photo by Liz Jochum 
 *Photo by Dave Rentauskas
*Photo by Lisa Predko

 Aside from Time Out, I've managed to get a full page ad with FACTOR in Today's Chicago Woman. It was a gorgeous photo shot by Bryan Whitely and I was thrilled for it to be seen publicly :) 

*Photo by Bryan Whitely

Another ad campaign I worked on was with Jorge Gera Photography for @Properties ads. They can be found in CS, NS and other modern luxury publications.

*Photo by Jorge Gera

4. Built a website: and web following
I spent most of the beginning of the year building a new website from scratch. It is SO much work, but it was so worth it. Getting it to be the exact way I wanted, and updated as often as I wanted, was a dream! Check it out here-
I've also worked really hard at creating an online community for my business. I can now be found on 
and of course, Blogger :) 

3. Networking/Meeting artists:
This year has been phenomenal in terms of meeting artists (some very new and some who've been in the industry for years!). It has been so inspiring and fun and just delightful to get to know these talented artists. I think it's extremely important to have a good community in your industry. It's important to know people reliable and talented enough to pass work onto. It's also great to have a group of people that understand your industry and are open to sharing their learning experiences. I couldn't be more grateful for some of the talents I've come across this year :) 

2. Celebrities in Chicago...
I was fortunate enough to do makeup for these two talented actors, Jimmy Smits and John Ortiz,  for the cover of Where Chicago magazine (released this week!)

The two of them are currently in a production at Steppenwolf Theater here in Chicago. Check it out!

I also had the pleasure of working on the beautiful Monica Raymund, of the TV show Chicago Fire. Bryan Whitely shot the photos, and while I can't share the photos at this time, hopefully they'll be released soon! xo

1. Filming in Ireland
You read right! I was blown away at the offer to take an all expense paid trip to Ireland to film two local shows. I did the hair and makeup for two beautiful hosts who happen to be sisters. It was an incredible experience that I will hold close forever!

I was gone for a week. The days were tough- Of course, makeup and talent were the first people up at 6am to do hair and makeup. Things are different overseas, they are slower paced and more relaxed, so the kitchens in all the hotels we stayed at weren't open that early! Thank goodness we had coffee in the room! 

Days were long, and stressful. We shot a lot of footage for both shows, but after a long day of shooting, the crew made sure to enjoy a nice dinner together each night. It was so fun, exciting and beautiful. The people were amazing and the towns we visited were stunning! 

I can't share too much (photo wise), but here are a few to show how gorgeous my scenery was!

 Shooting in a cute art shop, this is me ready to spend some money :)
 Schaemus, our driver for the week, and the mother and daughter who lived on this farm we visited!

 Me on the greenway, staying warm :)

 Entrance to ....
 We had the pleasure of staying a night at Ashford Castle!

 A little blurry, but a picture of me with some of the crew members for our fancy dinner at the castle :)

Working on the BEST SET EVERRRRR! *excuse Michelle's thumb in the corner :)

Me enjoying a tea break in the castle with my new Irish sweater.

I'll post the show dates for these shows as soon as I hear! I do believe it will be in March :)

What a whirlwind!

So long 2012, you were a good year for me! I can only hope that 2013 will bring more work, fun, travel, and beautiful images. 

Thanks for making my 2012 amazing! I couldn't do this without the support of my followers and friends- so THANK YOU! 


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