Friday, January 4, 2013

Surviving a Sunless Winter

Cold, dark winter days definitely bring me down. 

When I was a senior in High School, (and honestly didn't know any better!), I'd go tanning to get a boost of Vitamin D and some color. 
*This phase only lasted a year! Thank goodness!

Shortly after, I learned about the effects and damage this has on your skin! Not to mention the risk of Melanoma. 

Now trust me, I know tanning can be addictive, but please save yourself and STOP! 

You will be so happy in the long term. Sun damage causes wrinkles, dark spots, and can make your skin have a leathery feel, which is not so cute! 
(And incredibly difficult to make up!)

Here are some tips to help you... 

Surviving A Sunless Winter

1. Spend at least 10-25 minutes a day outside or by a window. 
Thank goodness, my apartment gets a lot of natural light! Because of that, I can blog happily by my bright window :) If you don't get much light in your place, I suggest taking a walk. Yes, go outside! Not to mention the fresh air will do you good :) 

This is great for you because during this time of year, many of us fall into hibernation mode. I know I do! Our bodies crave that vitamin D that we were once receiving so much of over the summer. As a result, we sleep more, eat more, and sometimes feel depressed!
 Just make it a habit to get some natural sunlight once a day. It makes all the difference. 

2. Sunless tanner.
Yes, there are many great sunless tanners available now! So don't be afraid! Instead of subjecting your skin to harsh ultraviolet rays, you can slather on a tanning product that can last anywhere from a day to a week. 
Here are some great options: 
Tan Towel-
These have a natural look to them and are gentle even for the face! I use them often as they are clean, efficient and easy to use. 

Jergens Tanning Lotion-
Replace your regular body lotion with this product! Using this daily makes for a gradual, natural looking tan.

Airbrush Tanning-
There are so many places that offer this service- and I know that some makeup artists offer this as well! It is similar to airbrush makeup, but on a larger scale. The artist airbrushes a tan on your body. This "tan" can last anywhere from 5-7 days! It is incredibly natural looking, even for the palest of clients :)

I hope this helps you tanning fans out there! Try some of these self tanners (amongst so many others!), and I guarantee it'll make you feel just as beautiful. 

Not to mention,  pale, porcelain skin is an understated beauty. Learn to embrace it! Everyone wants what they don't have! 

And remember, in the warmer months, be sure to cover up with a big hat, sunscreen and a nice pair of shades! 
xoxo Jen

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