Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Purple Eyes

Winter is dark and dull-- so I like to brighten things up a bit with my makeup. It makes me feel so much better! 
One of the easiest ways to brighten up is to incorporate a fun color! Of course, lipstick is my go to, but sometimes it's nice to play up the eyes. So here is  little guide on purple eye makeup. I will say, no matter what color your eyes, purple seems to work!

So here are some violet eyes with a very quick how to.
*My camera's battery was dead so I had to use the IPad for these! Better quality coming soon! Still figuring this out :) 

I started off with Urban Decay's eye shadow primer in Sin for an all over shimmer.

I then followed it up with a very soft lilac across the lid.

Here I am applying a line of MAC's Macroviolet gel liner on my top lash line. 

I followed that with lining the bottom inner rim with the same purple gel liner. 

Next, I took the two darkest shades of purple on an angle hair brush and traced over the liner on the top lash line. 

You can see that I've extended it out beyond my natural eye, giving a slight cat eye effect. 

I then coated the sides of the angle hair brush with the same dark shades, and smudged the shadow in an upwards motion- thus creating a "smokey" effect. 

This is how it looks. 
(don't mind my crazy face!) 

 I then took a fluffy brush and buffed the dark purples into the crease and created a softer look.

 I then took the same dark purples and smudged a little under my eyes- and then took a brighter hue of purple and smudged a little of that on top for a little more dimension. 

Then, to add a little more OOMPH! I lined the upper, inner rim with black. This is not necessary, but I think it adds a little more dimension and interest. Not to mention, it makes your lashes look fuller! 

 Layer on some mascara.... 

 Here's the final look! 
I topped it off with a soft pink lip and gently filled the brows.  

Quick snapshot and list of the products used for the eyes: 

1. Eve Pearl Velvet Eyes Palette
2. MAC's Fluidline gel liner in Macroviolet and Blacktrack
3. Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara
4. Urban Decay eye shadow primer in SIN
*from left to right
MAC #263 Angle Hair Brush
MAC #210 Precise Eye liner brush
MAC #217 Blending Brush
MAC #219 Pencil Brush

Hope you enjoyed this! 

Go play with a new color palette just for fun :)

Wondering what colors to try? Here's a quick guide with a little help from the Color Wheel: 

While looking at the color wheel it's easy to find colors that work well together. 
One simple way is to look directly across from the color you're trying to make stand out-- that is a complimentary color. 
Another easy way is to look to the right and left of the color you're trying to make stand out-- also known as it's analogous colors. 

Bright Colors to Try....
Have blue eyes? Try Yellow/oranges, green, purple or yes-- BLUE!
Brown eyes? Try violet, blue, and greens.
Green Eyes? Purples, Pinks, teals/blues. 
Hazel Eyes: All of the above!

What it really comes down to is, if you apply color in the right way, you can make just about anything work!  

Have fun!! 
xoxo JEN

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