Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hi all!
As some of you may know, from the beginning of this blog, I've been trying to pull together some video tutorials. let me just say, THEY ARE FINALLY COMING! 

I've been working hard on ideas, filming, etc. I hope for the first "official" video to be out within the next month! Yay! 

What makes mine different? 
I plan to work on REAL women with REAL issues. 
Not on myself. 
Not on models. 
Girls like you and me! 

So please get excited and keep your eyes peeled! I want these to be the best they can be, hence the long wait :) 

Thanks for the patience on the blogs as well! And if you have any ideas, concerns, questions, please feel free to pass them on via the comments section! 

This is for you! 

xoxo JEN

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The non-makeup post..

So let me tell you why I've been distracted from writing an actual post about makeup...

This is Besos 
(kisses in Spanish!)

Yes,  my boyfriend and I are an "official couple" now that we have adopted a pet! ha!

So for the past 5 days, Jesse and I have been spending every waking moment with this precious little baby! He requires A LOT of attention-- hence the non-makeup blog situation :) 

I hope you'll forgive me after seeing these adorable photos of little Besos!

 There's Jesse and Besos napping-- he's a snuggler :) 

 No time for anything but kitty! Including my nails! 

Aunt Rachel and Uncle Josh came to meet the kitty!

 Our first family portrait :) 

Of course I have to send a big THANK YOU to the lovely Treehouse Humane Society in Chicago! They spent so much time with me and Jesse discussing the cat, answering questions, and getting us pet ready :) 

If you want to buy a kitty, be sure to check them out! Their fab! 

An actual makeup post will up next week- I promise! 


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Picking the right Foundation

Foundation is JUST as it's named: It is the foundation of your makeup
So make sure it's done right! 
Here are a few things to keep in mind about foundation...

Picking the right foundation. 

There are SO many different types of foundations on the market-- so it can be a little confusing when it comes time to find one that works for you. I feel like there is a big misconception about foundation floating around..
Many women I meet tend to associate "thick, cakey and heavy" when they think about foundation. This is SO far off! 
What makes your foundation cakey? Improper application, using the wrong type for your skin, not properly preparing the skin, and using too much product. 

First things first, let's figure out the basics. 
There are 2 main things you need to determine before hitting the store... 

1. Skin Type
In order to find the right foundation, you need to determine what type of skin you have-- this will make for an easy and seamless application. 

If you have oily skin all over (not just the T-zone), you may want to investigate trying powder foundations. I am not a huge fan of powder foundations, I love working with liquids/creams, so go with your preference.
Try these...
SAVE with Neutrogena's Skin Clearing Mineral Powder
Use this alone on your skin for a light coverage foundation-- You can buff it into the skin with a brush (my preferred technique), or use a sponge. OR use at after applying a liquid foundation to keep shine at bay :) 
 $12 @Neutrogena
 SPEND Clinique Super Powder Double Face Makeup
This powder foundation gives Moderate to Full coverage.
$22 (not bad!) @Clinique

SPEND Makeup Forever Mat Velvet
If you prefer to use a liquid foundation-- try this mattifying one from Makeup Forever. If you have oily skin, this blends seamlessly and keeps shine away! Provides a Fuller coverage.
$36 @Sephora

If your skin has a hard time retaining moisture, or if you experience flakiness, and tight skin, you should stick to foundations that are hydrating! Liquids, creams, tinted moisturizers..

SAVE Cover Girl Smoothers Foundation
Medium coverage foundation that is hydrating and lightweight.
$6.94 @Target

SPEND Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer
Lightweight, super hydrating tinted moisturizer-- made with skin conditioning jojoba oil, so it glides on seamlessly and hydrates the skin. Sheer coverage.
$42 @Bobbi Brown

SPEND Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation
This medium to full coverage foundation is hydrating and still build able! 
$42 @Smashbox

This is probably the majority of the population. If you get oily on the cheeks or down the T-Zone, but still have some dryness on other areas of the face-- you are combination! For combination skin, you may want to stick to a light liquid or cream foundation.

SAVE Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
This is a lightweight liquid that gives medium coverage. It controls the oily areas but is hydrating enough for your dry patches.
$10 @Target

SPEND Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation
This has great build able coverage- from medium to Full-- but still feels light on the skin. Great for most skin types.
$42 @Sephora

You don't have much discoloration, or dryness, or oil production-- then you have that annoyingly perfect skin :) If you even need to wear foundation, I would stick with a light tinted moisturizer, bb cream or sheer foundation.

SAVE Garnier BB Cream
For someone that needs minimal coverage-- this is PERFECT. Incredibly lightweight, minimal coverage and protects your skin from the sun :) 
$11 @Target
SPEND Dr. Jart BB Cream
I love this product! It's incredibly lightweight, and multi tasking! It's a very sheer wash of color to even out your tone, but also works to keep skin hydrated.
$34 @Sephora

SPEND Makeup Forever Face & Body Liquid Foundation
This is probably my favorite foundation! I've used it for years, I LOVE it! It is so incredibly sheer, but still build able. So if you need more coverage in one area of the face, it can handle it, without caking up! Works on most skin types (especially normal and dry), leaves a hydrated dewy finish.
$40 @Sephora

If your skin is very fragile-- prone to itching or burning when using products-- I would highly suggest going the au natural route. Try using organic products that won't hurt your skin. Figure out if you cater to the dry or oily side so you can find the right foundation.

SAVE Cover Girl Nature Luxe Silk Foundation
Lightweight and pulling natural resources-- oil and fragrance free-- Offers Medium to Full coverage. It's worth a shot! 
$10 @Target

SPEND Bare Minerals Original Foundation
This stuff provides medium to full coverage. I would highly suggest it if you cater to the oily side. It's composed of crushed minerals and is free of any fragrance, preservatives and other potential skin irritants.
$27 @Ulta

SPEND Tarte BB Tinted Primer
This BB Tinted Primer is great for those with sensitive skin who want a light coverage that also smoothes the skin-- this product line also offers a wide range of products that are free of mineral oil, fragrances, and other chemicals. Feel free to try their foundations and cream blushes! 

SPLURGE Jane Iredale Mineral Liquid Foundation
This is a Medium to Full coverage foundation that reflects light and looks luminescent. It is on the pricey side, but a little goes a long way. This is another mineral based foundation that is easy on the skin. 

2. Coverage
The second part to finding the right foundation is deciding on the type of coverage you want. This is important! As I mentioned before, many women automatically think-- foundation=heavy.
NOT the case at all! 
Once you determine your skin type, and you have really taken the time to get to know your skin-- figure out what you want to cover and how much needs to be covered. Always remember you can do a quick wash of foundation and then go back in with correctors/concealers to cover any additional blemishes/discoloration.

For the girl that doesn't want people to know she's even wearing makeup-- try a BB cream. These creams are super lightweight and have less coverage than a tinted moisturizer. They feel light and fresh and if you're just looking for a quick way to even out your skin-- this is it!
Garnier BB Cream
Dr. Jart BB Cream
Makeup Forever Face & Body

You don't want to feel like you're wearing makeup, but you don't necessarily want to LOOK like you're not wearing makeup-- try a tinted moisturizer or a super sheer foundation.
Tarte BB Tinted Primer
Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer
Makeup Forever Face & Body (yes, again, it's build able coverage!)
Neutragena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder

If you prefer a little more coverage than a sheer foundation can provide, you may want to try a foundation that promotes medium coverage. This will have a little more pigment-- less layering is needed to get the coverage you want.
Covergirl Smoothers Foundation
Clinique Super Powder Double Face Makeup
Jane Iredale Mineral Liquid
Revlon Colorstay
Covergirl Nature Luxe Foundation

If you prefer a full cover of foundation you don't have to expect it to be super heavy or cakey! There are so many fabulous lines of foundations now a days that cater to those that prefer a fuller cover foundation, without all the baggage!
Makeup Forever HD
Makeup Forever Mat Velvet
Bare Minerals
Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation

Here are some other things to consider when thinking about foundation: 
*Good makeup starts with good skin-- so take care of it!
*Skin Prep can drastically change the outcome of your makeup--Read more about it HERE!
*Find the type of application that works best for you, i.e.: brush, hands, puff, sponge, etc.

Best of luck! 
xoxo Jen