Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Eve Makeup!

The best reason for glitter!

NYE seems to be the most appropriate time for ladies to really experiment and play with their makeup looks! It's always fun to see what people do. 

I, myself am a lip girl. I always rock bright colored hues on my lips. It's what makes me feel good, sexy and fun :) 
But whenever NYE comes around I usually play up my eyes more as well. This magical night is a time when women can throw all the rules out the window and go BIG with their looks. 

Here's a sample of what I did last year: 
*excuse the poor photo- via iPhone :) 

Glitter lids with kohl rimmed eyes, lashes and of course, red lips :) 

It was SO fun to wear. It felt super festive and special because I never wear that type of makeup day to day. 

Unsure of what look you want to do this year? Here are some classic combos and other fun looks you which you can't go wrong!

Retro Lovely: 

*photo by Peggy Clements Hair and MU: Jen Brown

You can't go wrong with a classic Cat Eye and Red Lip. This look is timeless and will never go out of style. I feel like it's so simple, but for someone that doesn't wear a lot of makeup, it makes quite the impact!

Favorite Products to create this look: 

Metallic Hues:
Soft Silver
*photo by Chris Rucker, Model: Stasia, Hair and MU: Jen Brown 

I LOVE metallics. 
I love gold, silver, glitter, copper, you name it, I'll wear it! 
The shimmery sheen you get from these shadows are perfect for evening and feel extremely festive! They catch the light beautifully and will work with any eye color. 

Favorite products to create these looks: 

Glamorous Gold

*Photo by Chris Rucker, Model: Katie Jens, hair and MU: Jen Brown

*Photo by RB DelRosario, Model: Katia, Hair: Timea, MU: Jen Brown

There are so many variations of a smokey eye it's kind of ridiculous! 
Whenever I get a request for a smokey eye, I decide the type by their eye shape, color, lid space, etc. 

Here are a few styles that have that smokey drama:
*Photo by Bryan Whitely, Model: Isabella, Hair & MU: Jen Brown

Great example of a soft smokey eye. Keeping the darkest shadows on the outer corners and keeping it light on the lid. 

*Photo courtesy of my iPhone :)

Example of a soft/subtle smokey eye. Keeping all the dark liner and shadow on the lid below the crease. 

*Photo by RB DelRosario Model: Brittney, Hair & MU: Jen Brown

 These two photos are great examples of very dramatic smokey eyes. The top photo incorporates shimmer tones and silvery hues, while the photo below shows a very dark smokey eye with a soft highlight on the inner corner. Both extend out beyond the natural eye. 
*Photo: Bryan Whitely, Model: Katrina, Hair & MU: Jen Brown

*Photo: Chris Rucker, Model: Allie, Hair & MU: Jen Brown

Here is a sample of creating a crease with a smokey eye. 

Favorite products to create a smokey look: 

Hope this helps to inspire some playful makeup for NYE! 
Have a fun, safe night out tomorrow! 

xoxo Jen

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