Monday, May 30, 2016

Foolproof Eyeliner...

Hello Lovelies...

With warmer months finally here (Hooray!), I figured I'd give you my top tips for Long lasting liner.

Tired of putting liner on and having it travel all over your eyes? 

Try these easy steps to making a foolproof, long wear liner.

RULE #1: Always seal a cream with a powder.
This is so crucial and can be applied to other areas of makeup as well (let's just keep focused for now though :)) 

Eyeliners come in an array of types.
There are Pencils, Cake Liners, Gel Liners, and of course Liquid Liners. All have their purpose for creating different looks, but all tend to travel onto your lids! Even one of my favorite waterproof go to's (Gel Liner), can move around on a client's eyes. 

Here's what you do: After applying your cream product, take an angle hair brush, dip it into a matching (or close to matching) eye shadow color. Take the brush and use the edge to go over the cream product. 
*Press and wiggle*
That's the trick. Gently press down (Gently! don't bend those bristles!), and give it a little wiggle to dispense the product in a controlled way. Take this all across the line you originally drew on. 


RULE #2: Use an eyeshadow primer.
On some smaller eyes, setting with a powder is just not enough! So it's important to prevent travel onto the lid or crease, to use an eyeshadow primer such as Too Faced or Urban Decay . Both of these are very good at keeping your eyeshadow on all day strong, as well as your liner.

Take a small amount of primer and evenly coat your lid--You can use your fingers, a sponge or a brush for this. 
Then you'll want to set it with ... A POWDER! Use a setting powder if you have it. Otherwise wait a moment for it to dry a bit and go for the eyeshadows. 

I suggest using these primers rather than just a foundation/concealer coating or a naked eye because they have an anti-creasing formula that creates a barrier between your skin's natural oils and the makeup products. So your eye products become smudge proof! Which is what we want! 

Give it a try the next time you go for a bold liner. 
Have fun out there,

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