Monday, May 9, 2016

How to properly cover a pimple...

We've all been there... we wake up in the morning to find a massive red zit on our faces! And of course, as luck has it, it's usually on a very important day.
Wedding, a party, a date, picture day!
With something so common (everyone breaks out!) it's important to know how to properly take care of covering this issue. Many try to overcompensate by using LOTS of product. This is only going to attract more attention to the blemish.
More Makeup = More Staring
That's no good!     

So here are some tips for covering that baby the RIGHT way.

1. Treat it don't Pop it!

If you can, do your best to keep your paws off! The less you touch it, the better off you'll be. So if you're waking up to this, and you're on the way out, be sure to start by cleaning your hands and your skin. Then if you have a leave on treatment, apply it before makeup and after your moisturizer.
You will need to moisturize. Your skin needs to be hydrated regardless of your skin type.

2. Use as little product as possible!

One of the tricks of makeup is, Less is More.
And it's so true.
If you plan to wear a full face of makeup, start with your foundation to cover what you can. Then go in with your lightweight concealer. Take a very thin, flat concealer brush and gently dip into your concealer. I highly suggest a creamy concealer-- nothing too chalky or hard or cakey. I love Nars Radiant Creamy Concealers!

Gently, using the tip of your brush, create little X's over the pimple. Do this several times in different directions (so the X's overlap), until covered.

3. Set it!

With a very lightweight powder, take a little on a fluffy brush (an eyeshadow brush works well) and gently tap some powder on top to set the makeup. If you've done it right, it should be covered without calling attention, and if you need a little extra concealer, it shouldn't be a problem to gently tap a little extra on after powder. 

So easy! Just remember to not get frustrated, and as always, it's usually never as noticeable to others as you may think! These things are always bigger in our own eyes ;)

Another tip to help, depending on where your blemish is, try to accentuate the feature that is not close by.
For example:
 Say you have a zit on your chin. You probably don't want to wear bright red lips that day as it will...
A) accentuate any redness you may have in that area
B) attract others eyes to that part of your face.
So it'd be best to play up your eyes that day. Go for a winged liner or some shadows. You want to make sure your focal point is directed away from the blemish :)

Hope this helps! Be sure to keep this in mind the next time you're mid freak out when you find that annoying pimple :) You can cover it!

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