Monday, May 16, 2016

How To: Voluminous Blow out

Hi Everyone! 

It's been a while since I've posted any sort of tutorial, so I figured it was about time to get one up here! And to make it more interesting, it's a hair tutorial! 

I am constantly fighting very fine, limp, straight hair. I thought I'd share how I get super voluminous, bouncy, shiny hair with an at home blow out! 

Here's what you need: 

Round brush, Velcro Rollers, small clips, Alligator clip, Blow Dryer with a nozzle. 

Side notes... 
Round Brush: Size of the brush depends on your hair length as well as the amount of wave/curl you want. I like a loose wave, so I'm using a medium sized brush. My hair is also pretty long. If you have shorter hair or desire a more curled look, go for a smaller brush. 

Velcro Rollers: I LOVE velcro rollers! While they may take some getting used to.. (you do not want to get tangled up in these! Ouch!), they give a big lift to limp hair. If you don't have velcro rollers, you could just roll the sections of hair by hand and place a clip. 


L to R: L'Anza Keratin Healing Oil Combing Cream, L'Anza Healing Volume Hair Spray, Amika Bombshell Spray Blowout. 

Side notes... 

You'll definitely need a heat protectant in your hair! 
The L'Anza Combing Cream is great because it fights frizz, protects against the heat, reduces drying time and keeps hair smooth and silky. I highly recommend this product, but if you don't have it, any sort of heat protectant cream or spray will do. 

Root Spray: I'm using the Amika and I LOVE it! But any root lifting spray or even mousse will work well. You just need a little product to help lift those roots!

Let's get started! 

The best way is to start with wet hair... 

Very sad hair :/

This is where you'll add in your heat protectant and root lifting spray. 
I'm using L'Anza's Healing Oil Combing Cream, and Amika's Bombshell Spray Blowout. 

You'll want to start with the combing cream all over your hair from the base to the ends. This will help control frizz as well as decrease the drying time. It's MAGIC! 

Then go through and hit the roots with the Amika Spray. This stuff is amazing! It gives so much volume and lift! Be sure not to spray too close to the roots, you should have at least 6 inches from the bottle to the hair. 

If your hair is super wet, you'll want to give your hair a rough dry (without the nozzle). I usually just put my head upside down and blow dry for a few minutes until it's about 60% dry. 

Now you'll apply the nozzle on the blow dryer. 

I like to section the hair to keep it out of my way while I'm blow drying. So I'll usually run my finger around the my head sectioning off the bottom part from the top. 

Clip it into place. 

Grab your round brush! 

Take a small/medium section of hair and place the brush tight against the roots, lifting the hair up. 

Take your blow dryer on the hot setting, and I usually have it on the stronger setting so it dries a little faster-- and you'll place the dryer just above the hair starting at the roots. Work the brush down the hair to the ends, following with the dryer.

Slowly roll the brush down to the ends and back up to the roots, following with the hair dryer. Once you roll back up to the roots (as pictured above), you'll blast with cool air and then gently unroll the brush and follow with a velcro roller. 
*See Video below*

Et Voila! 
Continue this process around the rest of the bottom layer. 

Unclip the top section of hair and if you need to do a second layer, do so. I usually like to leave the last section down the middle-- like a mohawk :) 

Once you get to the mohawk section, I work my way from the back of the head to the front. Following the same pattern as before. 

Hit the roots with with heat. 
Work from the roots to the ends. 
Roll the brush slowly back and forth. 
Hit with cool. 
Place velcro Roller. 

Now that your whole head is covered in rollers (or rolled sections of hair)

 Spray a lightweight, aerosol hairspray. 

And now we wait... 

You just need to wait until the hair is completely cool. 
This is a great time to answer those emails or work on your makeup... 

Once it's cool, you can start pulling out those pesky rollers! 

It looks crazy at first... 

But trust me! 

From here you just want to run your fingers through it to get rid of any weird separation and to tame it into the shape you want. You may also need to place a new part if you lost it along the way :) 

You may want to hit it once more with some hair spray when you get it where you want it. You also have the option to tease the roots a bit for some added lift that lasts.

I opted to skip the teasing and just spritz lightly with some hairspray. 

Va Va Voom Hair! 

There you have it! 
It may seem like a lot of steps, but it's worth it. When I'm not recording the process, it takes me about 20 minutes to do. 

So give it a shot! Save that $$$ on blow dry bars and use it for a cocktail out with your bouncy new hair :) 

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