Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter Hair Tips

Oh winter. 
Your cold, blustery wind. 
My wet hair is no match for you... 

I never want to leave the house with wet hair this time of year, but I also don't necessarily want to blow dry my hair every day.

So here are some styling tips for this cold season

Invest in a shower cap.

We've all heard that you shouldn't wash your hair everyday as to not strip the natural oils. This is especially important during these drier months. I've tied my hair up in a bun while I shower, but it still manages to get soaked. Using a shower cap saves you time, energy and your blowout.

Dry Shampoo is your friend. 

It's actually one of my BEST friends..
I love dry shampoo. While I do experience a drier scalp, my hair can get greasy because it's so fine. A great way to utilize this product is actually at night. If I know I'm not going to wash my hair the next morning, I spray the product in my hair before bed. The longer it has to permeate the hair, the better job it does. Of course this isn't totally necessary. You can apply it before you do your makeup and then shake it out right before styling (or not styling :)) your hair.

My favorite: 

Photo c/o
Batiste Dry Shampoo
$7.99 (often on sale for $5.99!) 
It works like a charm and it's super affordable.

Overnight styling... 

Braiding, sponge rollers, twists..
These are all great options for going to bed with wet hair. After the shower I usually towel dry so it's not sopping wet, add some product and then let it air dry a little. Once it's partially dry, I'll either braid it, or add rollers so that I can wake up to effortless waves with no heat styling. I look a little silly at bedtime, but luckily my husband doesn't mind :)

Use a hydrating mask. 

Another key tip for keeping your hair healthy is to hydrate! Same as your skin :) With the dry climate, wind, blow outs, and dry heat in your building, you're losing a lot of moisture in your hair. My current obsession has been with the product line Lanza.
A stylist friend of mine is an educator for the company and turned me onto their line about a year ago and I've never looked back! My hair is super shiny, healthy and soft.

My Favorite: 
photo c/o

Moi Moi Hair Mask
You can find Lanza retailers on their website, HERE. 

I hope this post was helpful for you on your venture to healthy winter hair! Hopefully these tips will help you to survive the rest of this chilly season. 

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