Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Blues...

Winter can be really hard on people, myself included! 

I find myself becoming more lazy, grouchy, and sad! How to beat this seasonal depression? Here's some beauty tricks and everyday things to work on... 

Look good, feel good. 

This is one of my mottos, so easy and it works! 

Even just putting 5 minutes of time for yourself will help you to emanate confidence and happiness. Add some blush to those cheeks for an instant healthy glow, or play up your eyes for a sultry, fun look! 

Just yesterday I decided to paint my nails a bright, hot pink! It's happy and lovely and makes me smile :)  If you look  the way you want to present yourself to the world and put a little effort into putting yourself together, you will feel a million times better! 

Eating right.

John Wise, provided courtesy of Tonopah Rob's Vegetable Farm

Yes, this one can be tough to do, I can sympathize, because I'm always on the go! It's tough to eat right when you are never home to prepare a meal, BUT that's no excuse. Carry a granola bar, or some almonds in your bag. Throw in a piece of fruit (I was eating those clementines like crazy! So small, easy to throw in my purse!) 

If you find that you are eating lots of veggies and fruits (and plenty of water), you will see a dramatic improvement in how you look and feel. 
Midday headaches? GONE. 
Exhaustion? GONE. 
Take your vitamins, eat right and you'll find yourself with more energy, better skin, and an upbeat personality :) 


Valeo weights via

Yet another one I personally struggle with... Even just making sure you take a walk will make a difference! You need to get those endorphins movin'! It's hard to find the motivation with the cold and dark days, but I found it helps to NOT think about it. Just get up and start moving! 

Self Tanner.
I know that in the winter I feel gross because I look sad and sickly. One of my major problem areas are my dark circles under my eyes! I have had them since I was a kid, they are genetic and will never go away. BUT they show up more, the paler I am (ahem, winter results in a very pale jenny), so to make me feel healthier and happier, I use a self tanner. 
I use the Tan Towels. They are easy to use, go on evenly, and look natural. There are tons of great self tanners nowadays, so don't be afraid! Also, spray tanning is much better than it used to be. A little more of an investment, but they look awesome and are perfect for a full body tan for a special event. 

ie: real sunlight, no tanning beds
I used to be a tanning bed novice myself until I learned all the horrible things this artificial light was doing to my skin! 
First and for most, STOP TANNING IN BEDS! It is horrible for your skin, increases your chances of skin cancer (dramatically) and will AGE YOU!! Hence the reason we makeup and skincare folks preach the importance of an SPF everyday! Protect your skin from the sunlight and your skin will thank you. 
DO, find a sunny place in your home, office or school. Sitting in the sunlight will give you that vitamin D you've been missing. Open the shades and read a book (take a break from the computer, your eyes will thank you)

full spectrum bulb from
Replace your lightbulbs with full spectrum bulbs. These mimic natural sunlight, so on those dark, gloomy days, you can have that artificial sunlight to fill the void! 

Just remember, you deserve to feel your best! Do what's best for you, and take the time for yourself. It's the most important thing you can do :) 

xoxo Jen

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