Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bad Habits to Break, and Good Habits to Practice...

Let's face it, we all do things we shouldn't! Especially when it comes to our makeup and skin care routines! 

Here are some basic things to keep in mind... Both good and bad...

Bad Habits to Break!

1. Touching your face:

Many times we subconsciously touch our faces throughout the day. I used to do it ALL the time! Until I was on the EL train one day, and had just sat down after standing and holding the bar for stability, and I plopped my chin into my hands! I immediately realized how gross that was and made a vow to stop touching my face! It's an incredibly easy way to spread germs and bacteria to your face which can result in acne, rashes, and other unpleasant results! If you can abstain from it, do it! Make it a conscious thought at all times. 

2. Messing with your zits:

This one is hard. I still struggle with it. You have one big zit that shows up and it's begging to be popped! DON'T do it! Popping zits can lead to open sores and eventually scars! Who needs that? Leave it alone, and it will heal on it's own. Not to mention, it's much easier to cover if you don't fuss with it. 

3. Blowing on your brushes:

This is especially important for working makeup artists, but is equally important for your everyday makeup routine! Why it's so bad - We have over 615 different types of bacteria living in our mouths! When you blow on your brushes, you are spreading that bacteria to your face, and then back into your makeup. This can cause skin irritations and break outs. Just tap your brush against the lid of your product or flick the brush with your fingers. 
Now that you've heard about some things you should try to avoid, here are some good things to practice and work into your routine.

Good Habits to Practice

1. Use anti-bacterial wipes: 

These wipes are so handy to have around! You should especially try to remember to use them on your cell phone! So many germs and bacteria are crawling all over it and when you put it to your face... well, you get the picture. Regularly swipe your phone with one of those wipes to reduce the chances of breakouts. You also want to use these babies for wiping down your makeup. It's easy to get product all over your containers and drawers, so every once in a while take some wipes to clean everything off! 

2. Wash your brushes:

Clean brushes are SO important! You should try to regularly wash your brushes at least every couple weeks (makeup artists should wash them much more regularly). You can do this by gently swirling your brushes in soapy warm water and rinsing them off until clean water runs through. Lay flat to dry. For in between uses, you can always use an anti-bacterial spray cleaner. This way, you can give a quick clean between uses to kill off any bacteria and prevent muddy makeup application. Many makeup brands carry a spray cleaner including Clinique (one of my favorites!), Sephora , Japonesque , etc. I was going through this stuff so quickly (especially for big parties or in between jobs), that I started making my own. 

Here is a quick recipe: 
1 cup distilled water
1/4 cup rubbing alcohol 
1/2 tbsp dish soap (or castile soap)
1/2 tbsp gentle shampoo (good for oily hair)
1tbsp leave in conditioner 
Gently mix together and pour into a spray bottle! Voila! 

3. Clean out your makeup bag:

This one is very important. Many women hold onto products for much longer than they should! Especially mascara (about 3-5months tops!), but I also see a lot of crumbled old blushes/powders, destroyed brushes, cap-less liners! It is crawling with bacteria and usually isn't as effective. Make up can be an investment, so shop wisely. Clean out your bag monthly (even if you're just wiping them clean, it'll help keep them fresh and you can toss things that have broken!), it's easier to keep up with this way, and it'll ensure that you are keeping products that you actually use. You are constantly changing and growing, and so should your makeup bag!

I hope you have found these helpful and that you'll keep these things in mind! Happy Sunday! And remember, you're beautiful and deserve to take time for yourself!
xoxo, Jen


  1. I was reading a natural beauty book in the health store yesterday which claimed that people with acne or acne prone skin always have the problem of touching

    1. It's true! It's a vicious cycle! We carry so many germs day to day on our hands and people that touch their faces are spreading those germs and dirt onto their clean skin! A lot of times, people don't realize they're doing it either! So it's important to start paying attention to break those bad habits :)
      Thanks for reading and sharing! xo