Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MY test photo shoot! AH!

Hey All,

As mentioned yesterday, I was getting my own shots done! Crazy right?! Being behind the scenes of a shoot is usually where I am, and I enjoy it very much :) So getting in front of a camera is scary for me!

My good friend Michael: photographer, designer, amazing person, and so on and so on... Asked if I could stand in so he could work on some lighting skills. We decided that since I have procrastinated long enough on getting shots for myself (my website, etc), that I should make my own shoot out of it.

So here it is, a mini story of my own experience in front of the camera, in pictures ;) Some from my IPhone, and some un-retouched images from our shoot ...

 This is me in the dressing room, trying to get pumped!

Aaaaand, my liquid courage... bloody mary and beer.

The fabulously talented... Michael Coakes

Obviously the beer hasn't kicked in yet, I'm terrified!

-Beer is definitely kicking in!-

My Newscaster Look.

The END!

It ended up being a lot of fun, probably because Michael and I have known each other so long! I will tell you, it's not very easy standing in front of a camera. I'll stick to what I do best :) 

It was, however, a good experience. Partially because it reminded me of how my makeup looks and feels on my clients as well as how it looks on camera. I have a much better idea of what my clients are going through via the makeup and working the camera! I definitely walked away learning more about my job, which is always a good thing.  xo


  1. Love the pics! I agree it's so challenging when you're the one behind the camera. Love the blog so far ~ Cheers Hun

  2. Thanks Shana! I appreciate the feedback! Hope you're well, and let's get together sometime soon! xoxo