Monday, July 18, 2016

Shiseido Cleanser

Hey all,

So I ran out of my little cleanser sample from Tammy Fender, and I needed to find a new one. While I didn't mind the cleanser, I didn't totally love it (at least not for the price point)... So off to Sephora I went (where I proceeded to spend an amount of money too great to post...) to look into a new face cleanser. 

I've tried a lot of different types and brands. I'm never super sold on any cleanser-- never found one that I love, but I have to tell you, this current purchase is quite nice! 

I purchased the Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser. 
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I have used some of Shiseido's skin products in the past. I've tried their White Lucent Brightening Serum, I've used their eye masks, and while I have enjoyed those products I never thought to try their cleansers! 

They have a good range for different skin types, but this lightweight cleanser works wonders for my combination skin. It lathers and gently cleanses, leaving my skin soft and feeling refreshed.  It also easily removes waterproof mascara and liners. 


A tiny bit of this product goes a long way--So a $30 cleanser doesn't seem so bad :) 

I've only used it for a week so far and it's been lovely. No major issues or complaints-- it does have more of a scent than I normally like/want, but I haven't had a bad reaction and it's bearable :) 

So there it is, my current cleanser that I'm loving. If you have a cleanser that you love feel free to share in the comments section! 

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