Monday, July 11, 2016

Festival Beauty Tips

It's that time of year again...

Festival Season! 
Music festivals, art festivals, all kinds of outdoor gatherings to enjoy the summer heat. So here are some beauty tips to look your best all day outdoors. 

Hair Inspiration

1. Braids. 
This is probably one of the best go to festival do's you can have! With running from stage to stage or booth to booth, in the heat, it's great to not worry about how your hair is holding up. The best part about braids? They are so versatile! You can braid small sections of hair, or try different styles of braids, or pin them against your crown to keep hair off your neck, but in a way that looks like it takes more time than you actually spent! 

So throw a quick side braid in! Nothing fancy, a regular braid is simple, chic and functional. 
Photo c/o

This photo of Zoe Saldana looks like perfection with this braid. Leave it loose and let pieces or layers fall through. It adds a more relaxed and less severe feeling overall. 

Wanna try to amp it up? 
Create two side braids, and criss cross them across the back of your head and pin into place. This keeps the hair off your neck in the summer heat, and adds a lot of visual interest! Not to mention, it's super easy! Any hair novice can master this. The messier the better! 

Here are a couple photos from a shoot I worked on with a little girl-- But trust me, it looks just as cute on a grown up :) I do this hairstyle to myself and I always get a compliment and a "how'd you do that?"  

2. Wear a hat. 

Hats are a great form of sun protection and they are so cute! Best part? You don't have to worry so much about what your hair is doing! Leave it down, put it in that braid or low pony-- no one will notice if you didn't put the time in because they will be so focused on your fashionable hat. (maybe save the hat for day 2??)

Here are a couple styles I love... 

photo c/o

This sleek felt hat from Asos is beautiful. A simple silver bar detail that catches the eye is perfection. Best part?? It's $23! 

Another great option is cute straw hat. Lightweight, it's perfect for that summer heat. Comes in lighter tones as pictured, or a black patterned version is available as well. 

Makeup Inspiration

 Keep it light and easy. 
Think low key. 
You're going to be outdoors, in the sunlight all day. Minimal makeup is best for this type of event! The more you pack on, the more you have to deal with smudging, melting and looking over done. Festivals are great because they are very low key. So go with it! 

Some ideas...

Can't separate yourself from a full foundation face?? Try opting for a tinted moisturizer. You'll still get some coverage, some SPF and it's lighter so you won't be too made up. 

Simplify your routine. 
Instead of making up a full eye and contouring your face, simplify your routine. Think smaller. Maybe you put a nice liner on, with a pop of color on the lip? 
Or a little swipe of a soft shadow with some mascara and gloss? 

Bronzer is your friend. 
Adding a pop of bronzer along your cheekbones will instantly create that contour without feeling/looking heavy and like you tried! It's a more delicate and event appropriate way to get that definition while adding a little sun kissed glow. 

Hydration and SPF
You knew I had to mention it! 
Be sure to drink plenty of water before you head out, and try to have a bottle every hour or two. All that alcohol and sun can wipe you out. 

And of course Apply that SPF before you leave the house! But be sure to have some on hand as well for re-application. You need to do so every couple of hours :) 

Have fun at all your festivals this summer! 
Have a great hair or makeup tip from your adventures?! Feel free to share in the comments below! 

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