Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Golden Globes

Hello lovelies! 
It's been a few months since my last post, but I swear I'll post about what I've been up to! 

In the meantime...

Sunday night was the first of many glamorous award shows for 2014. I could not stop live tweeting, looking online, and flipping channels between every interview!

Here are some of my Knock Out Looks, Missed Looks, and even one that I found Boring! 

Let's start with a bang shall we? 
Knock out Looks...
These ladies REALLY kicked it out of the park with some super stunning looks.
Hair. Makeup. Perfection. 

Julianna Margulies
As my boyfriend said, "I swear she's getting younger." Julianna looks great, if not better now than back in her 20s! 
The talented artist, Molly R. Stern had the pleasure of working with Julianna. She managed to keep her skin glowing and fresh with a soft coral cheek, pretty pink pout and sultry cat eyes. Her side swept bangs and low tied do' were perfection. 

Emma Watson

I loved Emma Watson's look! 
It was fresh, young and clean! Her deep side parted hair, pulled back was  effortless and made a bold statement. It's not easy to pull off a bold lip with a bright dress, but she did it! Love the contrasting lip color against the red/orange dress. 

Lupita Nyong'o
I think EVERYONE was obsessing over this show stopper. Lupita is new on the scene, but she certainly looks like a pro on the red carpet. 
With beautiful clean skin, a bright red lip (and dress!), and a clean sweep of liner, this girl ruled! Look closely, the look is updated and brightened with a little blue liner on the bottom of her eyes. The perfect modern touch to add a little excitement. Her short hair was parted to the side for a sophisticated, on trend look. 

Mila Kunis
Mila usually wears a dark rimmed eye, but last night she made me OBSESS over her eye makeup! It was softened with soft grays and kept very neutral. I love that there wasn't any additional shimmer or shine on her eyes since her dress was so blingy! Paired with a slicked back, clean updo, the look is modern and beautiful. 
I can guarantee I will be wearing this makeup look very soon! 

Here are some ladies that just missed the mark with me- Most are small mistakes that I think could easily be executed in a better way. 

Zooey Deschanel

Before you say anything... Let me explain! 
Girl looked amazing- super cute and charming (as per usual), but she landed on this list because the look could have been better. Her foundation is far too heavy for her-- she has beautiful skin and should let that shine through! You can see the excess makeup creasing under her eyes. It was just too heavy! 
I would have definitely added some slight definition (contours) as she begins to look like one white blob on camera. The girl is gorgeous! Let that shine! 

Lena Dunham

I thought Lena looked incredible in her yellow gown! But when it came to her makeup, it was a flop. The eyeliner is messy and harsh against her skin. I would have opened up the yes a bit more with some warm shadows, and then accented with a soft cat eye- probably with a gel for a softer effect. 
She's so adorable and pretty, but that wasn't captured for me with this look!

Jacqueline Bisset

What a beautiful woman. 
But if you are going to the Golden Globes, AND your NOMINATED, you should get your hair done. Full of flyaways and frizzies, this messy hair did not do it for me. Smooth it out, add some texture, but do it right! 

And lastly, here is my pick for my "Pretty, but not surprised," look...

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is always a knockout, but that's probably because she does the same hair and makeup look, over and over... and over
Hair always down, often parted to the side and on one shoulder. 
Makeup is always the same- soft bronzed cat eye, pop of color on the lip. It's all very pretty, she looks great all the time, but it's a little tired. I'd love to see her change that hair! Maybe pin part back, or do a low side swept bun. And makeup, I'd love to see her with a sultry smokey eye, just to change it up! 

Those are some of my picks that really caught my attention. 
Who are some of yours?! Anyone else out there who didn't surprise you? 
Have a favorite of the night?! 

I honestly had too many favorites to post! Everyone really looked amazing. Some could use a little tweaking, but overall, it was a night that was easy to watch! 

xoxo Jen

Photos sourced from, bella sugar, huffington post, getty images and Vogue. 

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