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Happy Sunday! 

One week ago I was enjoying the 80 Degree weather, palm trees and witnessing amazing makeup artists showcasing their work! 

Yes, I had the pleasure of attending the IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) in Los Angeles this year! 

Now, I've never gone to the IMATS before. It was my first experience and it was really wonderful. 
I flew in with my partner in crime, good friend and talented artist-- Martina Sykes. 
She'd been the year before and had a lot of good tips for navigating the show. 

Before I booked my flight, she made sure I had applied (and gotten approved!) for the Makeup Artist Magazine Pro Card. This enables me to go to any Pro Only events before/after the show, it also enables me to have front row seating for the seminars. 

I'm so thankful she told me about it! I had no idea, and it really made a big difference in the experience (from what I've heard!)

The two of us met at the airport, and to my surprise, two other lovely friends and extremely talented SFX artists from Cirque FX, Crystal and Beka were also on our flight! 

After escaping the Negative degree, snowy Chicago, we landed in Sunny LA! We were REALLY excited to be there :) 

We took a shuttle over to the Sheraton in Pasadena-- we were staying there and it was oh so conveniently connected to the convention center with the IMATS!

We checked in and after freshening up the two of us HAD to get some food before attending the PRO Only shopping event. 

So off we headed to El Cholo for some Mexican fare and margaritas. It was well deserved, and helps with the crowds ;) 

We were also given a complimentary post card with our photos on it! 

Hah! We thought it made for a good souvenir!

Anyway-- Finally made it into the IMATS- and while it was crowded, it was not nearly as bad as it was about to be (ahem, Saturday)

So we shopped! I purchased some kit staples, like Eye shadow primer, and moisturizer, etc etc. I got to shop Naimies, Frends, Embryolisse, Nurturing Force, Alcone.. and so many more! 

This was the day I was most excited about! 

Friday was all about shopping, Saturday was all about learning! I had so many seminars/classes I wanted to sit in on-- all back to back to back. 
This is where Martina and I parted ways. She has a love for Character makeup for Film and TV, where I have a passion for beauty/celebrity makeup.

You can view her experience here

After waiting in a veeeeery long line, I made my way into my first sit down seminar-- 

**Featuring two LA agents**
Madeline Leonard of Cloutier Remix
Dion Peronneau of Peronneau Agency

I was really interested in sitting in on this particular seminar, because I am a self made, self-represented artist. I always have been. 
I've had the opportunity to get represented a couple different times by agencies here in Chicago, but it just didn't seem right for me. Now that I'm looking for work in LA, I wanted to learn more about representation there. 
I wanted to know what they look for in portfolios, personalities, and what type of work they get their artists. 

I think the best part was being able to speak with these ladies after their presentation- Madeline was incredibly generous with her time (I'd actually reached out to her agency over the summer, inquiring about a meeting when I was there last!), and her agency has been so lovely and helpful. 

Following next I saw...
**Taught by**
Sian Richards: Founder and owner of London Brush Company

If you don't know who Sian Richards is, I suggest you look her up immediately! She has worked on many incredible films. Watching Sian work was very inspiring. I loved her aesthetic, and hearing her stories were priceless! 
She did half of her model's face with Kryolan's Dermacolor palette. It was really incredible to watch, because she just used a dry brush and worked it gently all over the skin. It was so lightweight and skin like-- I was really dumfounded! Usually when I think of this product, it's being used for heavier coverage, so it was really great to see it being used in a day to day makeup. 
The other half, she used an HD specified line-- it was heavier, and definitely didn't show much of the model's skin. The model remarked that the side with the kryolan didn't even feel like she was wearing anything! 
Here's the palette from Kryolan's site... 

After speaking with Sian, I caught up to the next seminar... 


Part of the reason why I wanted to see Autumn's class was because I read her bio and saw that she was part time in Chicago and part time in LA-- exactly what I want to do! On the way to LA, I learned from Martina, that they are actually friends! So I had to see her!

She was a great instructor, very easy to watch. Most of the information in the class I already knew, but I did pick up a lot from watching her work. She had some interesting tips, especially when it came to skincare. She has a background in Esthetics so I was trying to absorb as much as I could from that! 


I've been following Terri's work for some time now. I even tried reaching out to her last time I was in LA about assisting or taking her to coffee-- she got back to me! 
This was a great chance to see how she works (which was also very reassuring because we have a similar aesthetic and do a lot of the same things), as well as taking the opportunity to introduce myself to her. 
She has a great personality, and had some really great stories! The final product was beautiful (as to be expected), with clean skin, lashes and a bold lip. 


Between Autumn's and Terri's seminars, I ran into Madeline (from Cloutier) and she introduced me to the lovely, Kendra Richards. Kendra and I chatted for a good chunk of time before she informed me that she was hosting a seminar herself that afternoon-- which I'd already highlighted and planned on attending!


Kendra has worked on some really stunning beauty ads, commercial work and magazine spreads. Watching her work was a dream...
She had a lot of little tips for covering small imperfections- some I knew, but some I hadn't mastered and it was really helpful to watch.  
Her final result was breathtaking- clean, hydrated, skin. So beautiful. 

She has also recently launched a new skin product, called Heir Atelier. A one step prep product- everyone in the seminar received a free sample and I'm so excited to try it! 

Our last day at the IMATS arrived and I was already pretty beat from networking, talking, shopping and learning! 

Considering Martina and I din't have much we wanted to see right int he morning, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice breakfast. After walking back to the convention center, I just popped my head into a few different seminars. I watched some very talented artists work-- which is always fascinating to me. I love being able to see other people work, no matter what your art form. 

Here are a few I caught a glimpse of...
Kevin James Bennett
Luis Casco
Cory Bishop
Eugenia Weston

and then I lost motivation. I was SO tired and had spent all my time inside a convention center! So I left to lay by the pool for a bit of sun and alone time... 

Aside from the IMATS, I had the pleasure of seeing Chicago's very talented photographer (and friend) Grant Legan on Friday night for a party in the fashion district. 

As for Monday... 
I had the chance to meet up with friend and photographer Braden Moran for a quick head shot session before heading to lunch with my cousin and then the sad sad drive to the airport! 

It was a jam packed weekend that I really enjoyed. I feel completely re-energized, inspired, and assured that I'm on the right track and in the right field. 

Until next year! 

xoxo Jen

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