Sunday, September 15, 2013

Top 5

At last month's Beauty Meet Up meeting, our lovely Mel Wilson had the idea to make our theme, "Artist's Top 5 Kit Essentials." 

I thought it was a great idea! 
It's pretty fun to see what products/tools are go to, must haves for these pro, working artists! There are a lot of similarities, but some curveballs thrown in an as well :) 

Sara Jean Stevens 
Hair and Makeup Artist Chicago
*Since she was the only Hair stylist turned makeup artist of the group that night, we made her do her top 5 makeup products as well as hair products!

Eve Pearl Cream Blushes
$25 for individual 

$52 for Trio

Tarte BB Cream
Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive
*Ah-mazing mattifier/primer for oily or normal skin types*
Boscia Blotting Linens in Lavender
$10 for 100 sheets
Maybelline Eyebrow Pencils
*Precise with a good variety of colors*

Rusk Being Sexy Hair Spray
$10 on Amazon!
Kevin Murphy Beach Resort
Teasing Comb 
(found anywhere, but here's a good one from Sally Beauty)
Enzo Milano hot iron tools
Rusk Grooming Cream
$11.50 on Amazon

Mel Wilson
Makeup and Hair Artist Chicago

Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive

Graftobian Foundations
$18.99 ea. 
*lovely to use as lip balm as well as dry elbow and hands!*
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in MILK
*used as an eye primer for the purest pigment*
Dr. Bronners Castile Soap 
(for cleaning her brushes!)
$2.99-$16 depending on the amount

Kat Dejesus
Makeup and Hair Artist Chicago

Kett Foundation Palettes in Ruby and Olive (for a good range in tones)
$105 per palette
$15 per individual pan
MAC Airbrush Cleaner-- claims "it's the best!"
*I couldn't find a link to this product anywhere! So if you find it, consider yourself lucky :)*
- mattifies and fills pores


Lorac Pro Shadow Palette
(via Sephora)

Angela B. Hall
Makeup and Hair Artist Chicago

*Color correcting creams to mix with foundations*
Cream eye shadows
*No specifics were given, just a favorite medium :) *




Cristina Gomez
Makeup Artist Chicago

*Perfect for brows or stray hairs*


*Makeup Sealer*

depending on the size

Martina Sykes
Makeup and Hair Artist Chicago



$48 ea. 

Nika Vaughan
Makeup and Hair Artist Chicago

Yet again! 
Shiseido (original formula) Cream Eyeshadows

Iris Guevara
Hair and Makeup Artist Chicago


$48 ea. 
$20 or 2 for $28!

$3 ea. refill
(via Camera Ready Cosmetics)
$49 for a palette of 12

Andrea C. Samuels
Makeup and Hair Artist Chicago






Tell us what your favorite products are! I know this group would love to hear it! 



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