Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spring Colors

I've been catching myself wearing a lot of color this winter-- partially as a way to brighten my mood-- but also in excitement for spring!

I know we still have some time before spring actually hits-- but I can't wait! I'm too excited for cute shoes and dresses, warm sunny days, and bright hues on my face!!

Spring might be one of my favorite seasons---colors bloom from the sad cold earth, creating a warm and happy environment. So what can we expect this spring?! Well if I haven't given it away already, it's COLOR! 

New York Fashion Week just ended, leaving us with all sorts of wonderful new beauty trends to try out and make our own. That's the secret to trends-- You don't have to replicate it exactly-- especially since it's so dramatic for the runway/photo-- you can become inspired by it and find a way to make it work for you. 

So here are some colorful looks for inspiration with some tips on how to wear them this spring.


Versus 2013 Spring show
Moschino 2013 Spring Show
Monique Lhuillier 2013 Spring Show

I am a HUGE fan of blue makeup. I think it's so beautiful, works on most skin tones/eye colors, and is such a pretty color! I know a lot of women stay away from blue (thanks to the 80's), many think it's a scary color that's tough to pull off. 
First things first, there are so many shades of blue! From bright neons (above) to dark navy's, smokey gray-blues, to cobalt-- there is a shade for you! 

*I think that blues can work on ANY eye or skin color!*
It's just a matter of finding a shade that complements, and use it in a balanced way.

Makeup Forever's Matte Navy Blue #60
This is a gorgeous navy that can be used as a liner (sometimes I'll do a cat eye liner with a navy rather than black for a little change up), or it's also really pretty used as a smokey eye shade. 

This works well on older women! YES! If you want an impact on the eyes, it does just that but it's less harsh than black. The subtle blue is a nice pop to help bring color to the face without dominating or highlighting fine lines. 

 Makeup Forever's Matte Turquoise #72
This beautiful bright turquoise is a great pop for any skin tone! It looks especially gorgeous on bronzed skin (the gold tones look stunning with this!), as well as very dark skin tones. 

It brightens the eye as well as the rest of the face! You can place it as a thick liner, or you can completely cover your lid. Have fun with it! Create a cat eye, or just add it as an accent color on the end of your eye, or maybe underneath the lower lash line. 
 Makeup Forever Matte Blue #159
GORGEOUS blue. It's still bright even though it's a deeper shade. I love it! This looks fab on any skin tone but also works beautifully on my pale skinned beauties. This blue will make any blue in your eyes pop!

What to avoid...

image c/o jounka.com

Frosted Blues
These can look dated and for older women, it can age you! All that reflective pigment is accentuating any fine lines you may have. These only work if placed very specifically on areas of the eye that have no sign of aging. So until you're familiar with your eyes and what works, I'd refrain from this.

Want to make the trend work for you? Start small with just a swipe of navy rather than black for your cat eyes. 

image c/o hudabeauty.com
This photo shows the impact of a blue liner with a subtle line. If you're feeling bold, you can go bright like this photo, otherwise try the deeper navy. 

It get's the point across without overdoing the blue! 

Derek Lam 2013 Spring Show
Marimekko 2013 Spring Show

 I love green shadow-- I know I don't use it enough! It's perfect for Hazel, brown and of course, green eyes.

MAC Pearlglide Intense Eye Pencil in Undercurrent
This is one of my favorite green pencils! It's emerald with flecks of gold, so it compliments any skin tone. You can line your water line for a little peep of color. 
If you wanted to do more drama, rim your eyes with this pencil and gently smudge it up and out for a soft smokey effect. 

This deep emerald shade is gorgeous for a sultry smokey eye. Softer finish thanks to the shimmer and it's earthy tone. Good for any skin tone.

Makeup Forever's Matte Apple Green #91
Great electric green-- Super bright hues like this are better in smaller doses! Use it as a liner, or accent. Maybe pop some across your lid before you hit the crease for a subtle blast of color. 

What to avoid...
Pale skinned beauties---
Having a wash of deep green may be a bit overwhelming for you. 

Want to make the trend work for you? If you want to use the deep green, start small. Use a little liner on your upper lash line, or line your inner rim for a subdued dramatic effect. Another tip for lighter skin-- use lighter shades of green. 

Try a minty colored green...
Makeup Forever's Celadon #34

You can put this across your lid or even try the look of Derek Lam's models from Fashion week, and do a full wash of this color up to the brow. 

image c/o bellasugar.com

Since it's so soft and delicate, it works. 


Donna Karan 2013 Spring Show

Pinks are great on all eye colors ESPECIALLY Blues and Greens.

Makeup Forever's Neon Pink #75
This bright fuchsia pink is BOLD! IF you're going for a super bright look (photo above), this is pretty much it! To go for something less abrasive than the photo above, use this on Just the top or just the bottom rather than fully rimming the eye. That alone will create a bold look without it overtaking your eyes! 

Makeup Forever's Dusty Pink #112
This matte warm pinky tone is great for light skin colors. It has a peachy undertone that would compliment cooler toned skin. This can be used all over the eye. It's matte complexion is subtle and the color is fresh. 

What to avoid...

Pinks are fun but be careful! If you have a lot of red in your skin, you may want to stray to more violet tinted hues. Using a bright pink may bring out whatever redness you may have in your skin. 

Want to make the trend work for you? Try pinky tones with more violet influence. 

Try this Velvet Eyes palette by Eve Pearl
The colors are vibrant and you'll still get that pink runway effect with this palette. 
Best part? This palette will work on ANY eye color/skin tone! 


Lela Rose 2013 Spring Show

Yellows look electric against Blue eyes! Aside from that, yellows can look amazing on ALL eye colors. The trick to pulling off this hue? Skin tone and restraint!

Makeup Forever's Yellow #2
This Bright matte yellow shadow is a bold statement. In order to make it work without it taking over your whole face, you can use it as a blending shade with other colors in the family to add a little punch to the look. I also love to use bright tones as liners for a softer hint of color.

Makeup Forever's Lemon #102
This matte butter yellow is a more modest form of the color. It runs a little more neutral making it easier for more skin tones to use and creates a softer look. This color is great on the lid or even used as a highlighter on the brow bone and tear duct. 

What to avoid....
Yellow undertones.
If you have a lot of yellow undertones in your skin, it's probably wise to find a cooler shade. 

The bright shade will only make your skin look more yellow than it is which isn't what we're going for. 

Want to make the trend work for you? 
Go for golds. Using yellow/gold tones hint at this trend without being so literal. 

 image c/o glamour.com

I hope this post inspires you to use more color! If you're afraid of looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show...

Just remember that RESTRAINT is key! 
Start small with accent colors and once you get a feel for what colors work best for you, you can start playing more with smokey eyes, all over shades, etc. 

xoxo Jen

Runway images c/o
 harpers bazaar, real beauty.com.