Monday, September 19, 2016

2016 Emmys

The Emmy's were last night! 

As I was sipping champagne and snacking on Thai food at my sister's house, we excitedly watched the red carpet for today's blog post. 

Here are the Top 5 Best Styled Looks from the Emmy's! 

5. Sarah Hyland

I know,  I've put Sarah Hyland on the list before, but she must have one great styling team! I am kind of obsessed with her look from last night. 

photo c/o

Her Silhouette was very 1950's chic-- I'm completely in love with this outfit! 

photo c/o

photo c/o

I think she styled everything perfectly well with it. From the very sophistacted low looped style was a perfect accent to this dress. Her makeup was perfectly on point as well-- soft, dewey, golden toned... It was very fresh and modern. 

4. Yara Shahidi

This young lady looked so beautiful! I love that this 16 year old was able to keep her look young and fresh. 
photo c/o 

photo c/o 

Her makeup was clean, with a copper toned eye and lashes (no liner!). Her hair was a perfect compliment wiht a deep side part and pinned loosely in the back-- it had the essence of vintage flair (as did her dress and accessories) but still felt young and hip. 

3. Kristen Bell

She looked awesome! 

photo c/o

Her fairytale dress was so playful and whimsical-- I love that she decided to keep her hair down for this. If she put it in an updo it would have had a completely different feeling. But leaving it down allowed her to be more playful and loose. 

photo c/o

The makeup was very pretty-- clean skin with pops of highlight around the eyes and on her cheekbones played up the fantasy part of the look while also making those features pop! Her eye color really shined through with the burgundy shadows (which was a color pulled from her dress). Well done!

2. Mandy Moore

You may not agree with me, but I am a sucker for anything resembling the 70's and Mandy Moore gave me major 70s vibes last night! 

photo c/o

I am kind of obsessed with the center part, long bangs and loose waves. It's so cool and effortless and really compliments her dress (there's a lot going on from the color to the ruffles, but I love it!)

Her makeup played well with the look -- those burnt red lips paired with that yellow dress was so pitch perfect! I love that she kept her eyes in the neutral browns and a pop of color on the cheek to balance it out. 

And finally... 

The one I literally yelled "OH MY, YES!" at the television screen as soon as I saw her walk on... 

1.  Kerry Washington

I try not to put Kerry Washington on every best styled blog, but my goodness this woman has killer style, and last night was no different! 

photo c/o 

She looks incredible! I love this sexy, black, sleek dress on her and that it still shows off her baby bump. It's refreshing to see her play up this wild, sexy side with that HAIR. 

photo c/o

It was amazing. I am obsessed with her going natural and letting it be free rather than fighting the heat and humidity. 

Her makeup was natural and minimal, allowing her glowing skin to be the main focus (well, that and the hair.. and the baby bump)!

And there you have it, my top 5 from the night! I always love hearing who your favorite styled looks are! Feel free to share in the comments section :) 

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