Sunday, March 16, 2014

Current Faves

Hi Everyone,

I hope you're dealing with the yo-yoing weather well! It's been tough on me- not only physically (dry skin!), but mentally as well! Where's Spring?!

I wanted to share some of my current favorite products I've been using during this time to keep my skin and hair in good condition, and to make myself feel good! 

First Up... 
Moroccan Oil Body Souffle and Body Buff
I received these beauties as a gift from a dear friend, and let me tell you... I am in love! 
They are so gentle, and silky, they make you feel like you're getting salon treatments at home. Incredibly luxurious, these two combined are magic! 

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You use the body buff as a gentle scrub to use while you're in the shower. It exfoliates and hydrates you as well! No more sugar and olive oil scrubs for this girl! I'm spoiled!

The body Souffle is step two of the hydration process. Very light, creamy consistency that hydrates the skin beautifully. 

Best part about these puppies? They are paraben free, and full of all kinds of antioxidants and derived oils to give your skin the best of the best! 

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tints
This product is genius. 
I love it. 

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I've been wearing these little beauties just about every day since I bought them on a Cyber Monday sale! 
They are a cross between a balm, stain and a gloss. They give a wash of color, hydrate, and are super lightweight. Some are matte, some are glossy. The color range is beautiful, and they are so easy to wear--Now you can throw on a little pop of color without the fuss of lipstick or stickiness of a gloss. 

Plus, Tarte is made in the USA and always formulates their products with some of the best ingredients, without Parabens, mineral oil, and gluten (to name a few!)

Neuma Shampoo and Conditioner
My good friend Nevena of Custom Hair Lounge in Chicago suggested I try these, and boy do I see a change! My hair is lighter, more manageable, and looks great! 

photo c/o

My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. It doesn't hold curl very well, and volume is never an option! 
I was using some sketchy shampoos in the past (I refuse to name names, partially because I'm ashamed!:)), and after learning more about my hair's current condition, I knew I needed a new regimen. 
Nevena suggested I try these shampoos and they have changed my hair's life! It is lighter, feels smoother, and is easier to style! 

Neuma Products prices may vary depending on where you purchase them. You can find the closest location HERE. 

Hope this opened your eyes to some great products out there! Let me know if you've tried them, or have some other favorite products you love. 

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