Monday, March 3, 2014

And the Oscar goes to...

I don't know about you, but I LOVE award shows! 
I was especially excited to catch the Academy Awards this year. There were so many talented actors stepping out and making a mark- some for the first time!

So here are my picks for the BEST hair and makeup of the night... 

Angelina Jolie
I don't know about you, but when I heard Angelina was going to be at the Oscars-- that was all I could think about! 
I couldn't wait to see how she'd show up and I was left breathless once I did.
She opted for a fun, glitzy, ethereal gown and followed suit with light, pretty makeup. Lots of lashes with a little bit of smokey liner on the outer corners for some definition was just perfect. Clean skin and beautiful soft pink lips. To finish it off, she left her hair down-blown out to perfection. 
Loved it! 

 Sandra Bullock
 Sandra Bullock looked so glam and gorgeous. With the vintage side swept waves and blue smokey eyes, she really stood out! Just a slight color on the lips and cheeks sends the look on a home run. Well done. 

Charlize Theron
She can't look bad. 
While she can look good, she looked GREAT! Loved the short hair tucked behind her ear. Effortless and clean. I love that it showcases her beautiful face which was a perfect match of luminous skin, peachy lips, and eyes stood out with a clean swipe of liquid liner. 

Naomi Watts
 I thought Naomi did it right. Love the bold lip paired with lots of lashes, and iridescent eyes, and pink cheeks. It was clean, classic, and effortless. Loved the makeup paired with the casual side swept hair. SO good!

Olivia Wilde
I thought this mom to be was so chic. She went back in time with 60's inspired cat eye and soft pale pink lips. Updated by her romantic wavy updo-- I think it's a perfect match. 

Some stars fell a little short... and here's why!

Calista Flockhart
 Calista almost had it! 
I would have added some shadow on those brows so we don't lose them as much. I also would have incorporated more color- either on the lips or the cheeks. I would have absolutely tight lined her upper lash line. The gaps between the lashes drives me bonkers! 
I think she's beautiful, but just barely missed the mark. 

Cristin Milotti
I've critiqued the lovely Kaley Cuoco HERE for her deep dark lips... and sadly, this look doesn't quite work on Cristin either! It's such a stark contrast against her pale skin and pale dress, that it's a little daunting. If she would have settled for a sheer lip product in that color family or a stain, I think it would have lightened it up a little but still had that drama. 

 Giuliana Rancic
Ms. G! 
I love her, but sometimes her makeup is too much for my taste! I love the idea of this look, but I would have softened those eyes a bit. If they were blended out a little more, I think it would have complemented the dress and overall look better. 
I am also not a fan of completely nude lips (lips that match the skin!), so a little hint of color --peach, or pink-- would have been a nice contrast to help break up the face a little more. 

That was my Oscar rundown for this year! Who were some of your favorites? Was there anyone else you think missed the mark? Share your thoughts below in the comments! 

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