Thursday, March 1, 2012

Test Shoot

I have been working a lot this past year (thank goodness!) but because I have been working, I haven't been testing much...

Test shoots are photo shoots that are put together by a team (usually a photographer, designer or stylist, a model, hair artist, and makeup artist). The purpose of these shoots is to update our portfolios, so they are often done for free, unless they are paid tests by the Modeling Agencies. 

I have been working on putting together a new website and as I started inserting my photos, I realized how old they were! I am in desperate need of new shots! 

This test shoot is from about a week ago, with a very small but very talented team. I am so thrilled with the turnout, I had to share!
-All credits listed at the bottom-

Model:  Jasmine Toon w/FORD Models
Photographer:  Bryan Whitely - website here
Styling:  Tyke Riggs
Hair and Makeup:  Jen Brown - website here

I'll put the full collection on my Facebook Fan page

Hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to leave comments or feedback on this photo collaboration! 

xoxo Jen