Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ladies and Lipstick

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I've been coming across more and more ladies that are afraid of lipstick! They don't want to be that girl who wears the wrong color, or shade. 

Guess what? Lipstick is FUN! and wearing it feels powerful and bold. It's the easiest way to make a statement in your look without all the added effort. 

Let's clear up a few things...

Picking a shade that works for you:

I know it may seem a bit daunting or confusing when it comes to choosing a lip color, but don't over think it! Makeup is meant to be fun and playful, not frustrating and chore-like! 

That being said, start cheap. Go to the CVS or Walgreens and check out the lipstick section (It's apparent that I'm in love with L'Oreal Lipsticks-ie: photo above). Pick any brand you like or are drawn to (even if it's just the packaging you like ;))

And here we go....

What shade do you like? 
Simple right? Don't think about whether or not you can pull it off, or how can you wear this? 
Just buy it. 
Go home, put it on and look at yourself in a mirror with natural light. Be sure to look from a distance as well. 
How does it look? Is it too dark? Too orange? Too blue? This is how you find the shades you like... EXPERIMENTATION!

The best thing about starting cheapDrugstores have an incredible return policy! YES! Even with cosmetics! 
So you don't have to feel guilty about spending $20 on a lipstick that you don't like! You can spend $6 and if you really hate it, return it-OR give it to a friend cause it was only $6! 
So save your receipt, and if you decide it's not right, take it back and pick a new shade using all the things you learned from the first try. 

Need to get the right shade NOW? 

Go to the makeup counters in department stores, or Sephora. Ask one of the artists for help in choosing a lip color. Express your interest and concerns about the shade, finish and color. 

Have them put it on you, walk out by a window and look in a mirror. See how you feel; again, assess the color on your skin. Don't get pressured into making a decision, or buying a million other products to apply the lipstick JUST like they did. Just have them apply the lip color, bold and bare on your lips to get a true read of the color. 

Once you start to find the colors you like, you can move on to the finish... 
My Personal Lipstick stash, just from my two purses... I'm a bit obsessed. 

Pigment rich, with a no-shine finish.
Tends to look drier, so keep your lips exfoliated and moisturized before hand! This is one of my favorites!
Color rich with a slightly matte but satiny finish.
Very popular, good for full color, long wear with moisture.
Creme sheen.
Creamy, with a soft shine and full color. 
Very creamy-good for drier lips, with pretty good coverage.
Color with a frosted/pearlized finish. 
Frosty finish-usually better for younger lips as the finish can settle into lines. Although, there are varying degrees of frost depending on the brand.
Sheer color with a satiny/gloss finish.
Very sheer color, and very "wet" or glossy looking. Perfect for those first transitioning to the lipstick world!
Low/sheer color with a satiny finish.
Similar to a gloss, very low color with a glossy finish. Perfect for those who want a quick touch of color!
Amplified Cream.
Creamy color with shine.
Extremely creamy-similar to creme sheen- very gloss-like, high color, shorter wear time. 

It's all about experimenting, and playing until you find colors you are comfortable with. 
So don't be afraid! 
The only way you'll find a lipstick you love is by stepping up and putting it on! 
Find a color you're attracted to, and it'll most likely look fabulous on you. 
It's all about confidence ladies, if you wear that bold red with your head high, no one will think you look bad :) 

xoxo Jen

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