Monday, October 3, 2016

Product Rave: Exfoliant

Hello beauties,

I have stumbled upon a great product that I would love to share! 

Many of you have been loyal readers and clients and have heard me talk about how important exfoliation is as a part of your skincare routine!

That being said, I am always trying new exfoliants, scrubs and at home remedies. The other day I was wandering around Target on my day off... because I hadn't been in a while and figured, why not check it out.. 

To my surprise, their makeup and skincare has dramatically increased! I was really impressed and totally engrossed in those aisles for a good 40 minutes!

Amongst all the fun new products, I came across this great exfoliant from Pacifica. 

For those of you not familiar with the brand, Pacifica is a beauty brand that is known for their sustainable and natural ingredients. That's pretty awesome!

They are also vegan and cruelty free. 
Again, awesome!

Here's the Exfoliant: 

Glow Baby Youthful Face Scrub

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It's packed with lots of beautiful natural ingredients that not only help to get rid of dead skin cells, but also support and hydrate your skin. Formulated with ingredients like Flax, Rose Hip, and Walnut-- this product is heaven on your skin.

While I was reading the ingredients in the store, I was a bit skeptical of the walnut shells-- afraid this scrub might be too abrasive, but as it turns out it's very gentle! They are so finely ground, that it's similar to sugar granules. 

 How to use: 

It's simple. Just like any other exfoliant, you want to wash your face first. Take a small amount between your fingers and with gentle hands, apply in tiny circular motions. I usually massage this into the skin for a minute or two before rinsing with warm water. 

Be sure to hydrate with moisturizer or serum immediately after. 

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Finding an exfoliant that is affordable, natural and works extremely well is so important! I was very pleased with this product and had to share with all of you.

I love finding products that are made well, work well and try to do good for the environment! Pacifica is one of those brands that deeply cares for our planet and tries to minimize their footprint by having no manufacturing waste and is sure to work with suppliers that share their vision.

As an added perk, Pacifica is made in the USA and a portion of the proceeds goes to Support Clean Water.

It just makes me love this company so much more! 

After trying this product, and seeing the quality, I'm definitely going to purchase more of their items for myself and my kit.

So give it a try! Let me know how it works out for you!

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