Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sequins and Glitter and Sparkles, Oh My!

That's right, it's that time of year again when we can get away with all the glitter and lashes we want! It's New Years Eve!!!

I love love love getting ready for NYE. It's the perfect opportunity to really go outside the box with your makeup routine and try something truly eye catching. I try to change it up year to year.. Just to recap...
*pardon the poor lighting/photos*

I went with a gold glitter eye with cat liner and big wispie lashes! I polished it off with a classic, matte red lip :) 


I worked in a different color palette for 2012-- Using silvers and opalescent glitter on the eyes, a smokey black liner and glossy red lips. 


The year our heat went out during a big snow storm... ie; no time for makeup! Simply added a red lip out the door! 


This one may be my favorite! I went for an electric blue cream shadow that I topped with blue/green glitter, all around my eyes. I tight-lined with a black liner for added definition and of course big lashes! I kept the lips soft and natural. 

So what does ringing in 2016 bring to the table? So many options! Here are some fun product suggestions if you're still undecided...

Start small... 

Not ready to jump into the disco lids?! Try starting with small details like this Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner from Urban Decay

*image c/o

They come in a variety of colors so you can coordinate and personalize :) One swipe of this will escalate your regular makeup routine to top notch New Year fun. 
The best part about this? No additional adhesives required! It's a great way to get that holiday flair without the extra fuss. 

Glitter Shadows... 
Before diving into the loose glitters, you can always start with a metallic or shimmer shadow. Bobbi Brown's Sparkle Eyeshadows have some beautiful metallic/neutral shades... 

*photos c/o
Colors (L toR): Sunlight, Allspice, Mica

If you're looking for some more color options, try Urban Decay Moondust Shadows

*photos c/o
Colors (L to R): Intergalactic, Scorpio, Shockwave

These shadows are a great way to add an understated sparkle. Pop on your lids and add a dark liner and lashes to get that extra drama! 

Die Hard Glitter Fans... 
Like myself :) 

Most of you know Makeup Forever is one of my FAVORITE makeup brands! They have an amazing artist line and have a killer glitter selection! From Subtle to outrageous, you can find one that works for you! 

They have a wide assortment of colors in their fine grade Glitters

*Photo c/o
Colors (Top, L to R): N5 Blue, N14 Orange, N7 Red

These fine grade glitters are beautiful topped over eyeshadows! They add sparkle and dimension to a regular eye shadow (see 2014 New Years Eve Makeup Above!)
They can even be used on the lips and body :) 

If you want some really crazy, fun glitter, be sure to check out Makeup Forever's Graphic Glitters and Star Glitters

How to... 
Wondering how to adhere that glitter so it will last you through your night of dancing and drinking champagne? Try this amazing Glitter Glue from Too Faced

*Image c/o

It's waterproof, creaseproof and holds glitter and shimmer for 24 hours. I have always used their Shadow Insurance Primer to lock down shadows and it works amazingly well. So if you need a way to apply your glitter that isn't uncomfortable, or too sticky, give this a try! 

I hope this inspires you to try something daring this New Years Eve! Remember, it should be fun, festive and full of sparkle :) 
Share your NYE look in the comments section- I'd love to see what inspired you. 

Have a Great New Year's Eve, and be safe! 

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