Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fighting Humidity- Pro Tips

A few months back, I took charge and started a Hair artist and Makeup artist group called "Beauty Meet Up." 
We try to meet once a month discussing a different topic each meeting. It's an opportunity to get together with these other artists that I NEVER get to see! It's also a chance for all of us to learn from each other!
Some artists have years upon years of experience, while others are just starting out, or maybe building their careers. 

So last night's meeting was a chance to chat about dealing with hair and makeup for Humidity. 

Here's what our group of gals had to say...

For less extreme sweating cases, many of the artists agreed upon a good mattifier. One of MY current favorites, is Nurturing Force

It works as a moisturizer, mattifier, and primer! I love it! 

If someone is exceptionally oily, some of the artists talked about skipping moisturizer and going straight for a mattifier (against my cardinal rule! I  prefer to always use a moisturizer-- even if you're oily! I like a lightweight, oil free moisturizer), but if you DO decide to skip moisturizer for a shoot, the Nurturing Force works fantastically! 

For more extreme cases, where someone will sweat non stop due to heavy costume makeup, or stage lighting, or even just plain old overheating...

Here are some heavy duty products to do the trick.
First up:

This product is applied to the skin before makeup and is a fragrance free, liquid antiperspirant! 

Secondly-- an old school theater trick... 

You can literally walk to Walgreens and pick this up for $8 bucks! I have personally never tried this trick, but many pros swear by it. Apply a thin layer over the face, allow it to dry, apply your foundation, and VOILA! Sweat FREE!

Of course, 
if you're dealing with humid locations and situations.. it's a good idea to use some waterproof or water resistant makeup including these products... 


This product does NOT move. Many of the artists at last night's gathering agreed, it was top notch ;) Simply apply with a thin brush. 


Paint it on, top with the gloss, and it's ON! Coming in a beautiful array of colors, this is beautiful. 

Not ready to spend $24 on a lipstick? Here's the drugstore version..

I will tell you, I own about 8 of these! I love them and I think the packaging is GENIUS. You can't lose any part of the pieces, and you can use the holder as a mirror for application. 

For more waterproof and water resistant makeup, be sure to look into Cinema Secrets and Makeup Atelier

Hair Tips
Pre style...

One of our artist's last night mentioned the beauty of this product! Apply before heat styling the hair, and it leaves a smooth finish. 

To protect your style... 

After your blow out is complete, give a light spritz over top, flip your head, spray again and you're good to go! 

Another little humidity trick I learned...
 I was told to try styling with a wet hairspray as opposed to an aerosol spray. It allows for you to mold the hair and sweep down fly aways, and then set it all with the aerosol once it dries! Something I'll be trying! 

Wet Hairspray Suggestion: 

For your kit... 

Here are some things our artists carry along in their set bags and kits for those hot, humid days... 

Battery Operated Fan
Keep your clients cool between takes to avoid over-powdering them!
Always good to have on hand :) 
Maxi Pads
This is another old school trick for camera-- Makeup artists/stylists would make their talent place maxi pads in the armpit of their shirts so they don't sweat through the clothes!

So go ahead, try some of these anti-humidity tricks for your next client, job, or performance! 

Be sure to check out our artist's from last night's get together! 


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