Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is in the air....

Hello lovlies!

It's definitely been too long since my last post! So much has been going on this Summer. I've been working on many exciting projects!

I did some catalog work for Kmart! That was super fun. I worked with a lot of familiar faces on the crew and some of the talent. Here's a behind the scenes snapshot of me with one of my favorite gals--Iris Kohl--Model/actress/supermom.

These ads should be running in their Holiday catalogue and in store cutouts! Will post when they come out :)

Another funny little fact: Iris and I worked together about a week later on another print ad! Hilarious! That one will be in CS Magazine Chicago--shot by one of my favorite photographers, Jorge Gera. That'll be posted as soon as it's out as well. 

Since we are on the subject of Print ads... 

Factor Model Management chose to run a full page ad in TCW (Today's Chicago Woman), of a photo I worked on with my another favorite and good friend of mine--Bryan Whitley
Here is the photo they'll use....

Should be out in October-- Keep an eye out! xo

One other super fun project I worked on was a music video for an up and coming Chicago band, Summer Girlfriends. The ladies of this all female band are so super sweet, fun, cool and talented! And, we're all neighbors! haha

The day didn't go as we'd hoped... Dave Rentauskas (our lovely director/cinematographer/diet coke drinking enthusiast) had an elaborate outdoor shoot planned. Mother nature didn't seem to care, as it POURED the entire time! Let me fill you in... it hadn't been raining much here in Chicago--it was actually kind of a drought-- and then, of all days to POUR rain...

It was comical.

We had an incredible team on board, pinning tarps and holding umbrellas over the lights as they got drenched! But it was incredibly memorable and fun and the video will be amazing.

here are some behind the scenes shots of the day... Video to come shortly...

Interior shots first...

Lovely hair and wardrobe standing in the rain! It was raining hard!

 Dave's vision brought to life...

Between takes so the girls wouldn't get drenched!

My beautiful hair stylist Nora! Everyone ditched their shoes and drank some beer! 

The song we made the video to is: "Goth Beach Party". Be sure to go to your Spotify and search for them--even after hearing the song for 300 times, I still love it! 

The makeup, hair and wardrobe was all goth inspired, but pretty goth. So it was a really fun job for me to do dramatic eyes and super dark berry lips (which are trending hard for fall this year!) 

Aside from that...
It's been a lot of the usual work. Test shoots and weddings, private lessons and Pinups. All in all, I cannot complain

Super excited to see what Fall has in store for me! Stay tuned, many exciting things to come!

xoxo Jen

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