Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello lovelies! 

I have been so terrible about new posts this month and I apologize! Things have been insanely busy for me work wise (thank goodness :)), and now I'm gearing up for my vacation

As I was prepping a mental list of what to take, I thought it might be fun to share with you my vacation makeup must haves, and then show a few ideas on how to use them. 

Now I like to travel light when it comes to makeup, especially when I'm going to a beach. I know I'll be lying on the warm sandy beaches for most of my days and heading out to dinner in the evenings... *Swoon* 
Considering how low key this vacation is,  I only bring the essentials. So here they are!

Obviously! I wouldn't dare let my skin see the light of that hot sun without it! Of course I'll be under the big umbrellas and wearing my big hat, but for when I venture out to the pool or ocean, I want to make sure I'm covered :) 

So important! Moisturizing is one of the best things you can do for yourself! Especially if you plan on being in the sun. In order to keep that golden tan, your body needs moisture to lock it in! 

I hate wearing a full face of foundation in hot climates and even during the warmer months in Chicago. So a lot of times I'll just spot conceal where my skin needs a little love :) 

Red or Coral Lipstick: 
Sounds kinda silly, but it's so versatile! I can use a little on my cheeks for a soft cream blush, or throw it on my lips for dressed up evening :) Lipstick is the EASIEST way to dress up your look without a lot of work :)

Waterproof Mascara: 
Mascara is one of my favorite products! So with all the heat and water, I need to keep a waterproof one in my bag. 

I usually always have a highlighter of some sort. Currently I've been obsessed with Smashbox's Highlighter Stick! It's so portable and can be used anywhere. 

Brown Eyeliner:
I have brown because it's less harsh than a black liner. It's a nice warm tone that will work wonders for enhancing my eyes-AND-I can use it to slightly fill my brows :) 

Set Powder:
To reduce shine and set your makeup!
These few products are the perfect standbys to achieve a beachy, flawless look. Here's how I use them... 

Daytime Venture:
If for some reason I don't decide to lay on the beach all day with sunscreen and shades only... I may put in some effort to put on a fresh face for some sightseeing or shopping.
product photos, links, and descriptions to follow

To start off: This is my beach face. No makeup.

To get the ball rolling, I apply a moisturizer with SPF all over my face.
Next, I conceal wherever needs some help... i.e.; dark under eye circles, bits of redness around the nose, forehead, and chin.

I used NARS vanilla/honey concealer palette for this. I used the "honey", or the more pink one to conceal under the eyes. This pinky tone cuts any blues/purple tones. 
I applied it with a pointed concealer brush. It's just a little more precise.

I then blended the product with my fingertips.  

Don't forget your eyelids! This dramatically brightens the eyes!

 Following the same routine as under my eyes, I used the 'Vanilla' shade (the more yellow tone) of concealer to cover any redness on my nose, forehead and chin. 

 And this is me with a spot concealed face! Just that tiny bit of concealer goes a long way. 

Now that I've created a neutralized palette, it's time to add some color! I take my red lipstick (or coral lipstick, or pink lipstick, etc...) and very lightly tap a few dots on the apples of my cheeks. 

Then I gently buff it out with my fingertips. 

I could stop here! But let's keep going. 

Take the lipstick and gently dab some color on your lips. This way they have a little bit of brightness. 

Set everything with a light dusting of powder. This will matte out our look in this humid climate!

I took my brightening stick and placed it on the inner corners of my eyes to help open and brighten them up, as well as highlighted my brow bone. This looks gorgeous in the sunlight!

I also took the liberty of placing a little on my cheekbones. You can put this stuff anywhere you want the light to hit and reflect :) 

Curl your lashes! Even if you look like me with a half opened eye!

Apply the waterproof mascara.

And that's it! 
So easy! But I look fresh faced, like  I just rolled outta bed looking flawless! --that'd be awesome by the way :) 

Evening out: 
One thing you should know about me, I love eating! So evenings are always spent dining in a new restaurant while on vacation. Here is how I might pull together an evening look in the heat.  

Going from the day look above, here's a quick way to bring it into the evening light....

First and easiest thing to do: Apply that same lipstick on your lips as you used on your cheeks. 

I had red on hand, so that's what I used. Depending on the night out, I may have used something a little more tropical and fun! (I have a fabulous coral and orange:)) I will have at least two different shades with me on vacay :) 

Hit those lashes with a little more mascara! This time, hit the bottoms as well. 

 Take that brown liner and softly line the upper and lower lash lines. 
This adds some definition and drama. 

This could be it. I could be done here. BUT I'm a little obsessed with brows and feel naked without them when I have all this other makeup on! 

so.... Take that same brown eyeliner and very softly fill your brows. 

what a difference huh?!

Aaaaannnddd now we're done :)

So there are two super quick and easy makeup looks you can do on your next vacation, or any day you're running late! With my schedule, I pretty much do the daytime face everyday :) 5 minutes is all you need! 

Here's what I used so you can see how portable these products are. They hardly take up any room in my bag! The Moisturizer is actually a sample from Mario Badescu, which is perfect for a trip! 


My hands!
Shu eumera Eyelash curler
Stila Brushes #24 and #33

Hope you enjoyed this! Practice your 5 minute face at home. You'd be surprised to see how few products it takes to get that flawless face :)

xoxo Jen

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